Tuesday, September 25, 2007

lack of wisdom day 4

got woken up at 7 am today by extreme hunger. drank lots of water, plus 5 calcium carbonate anti-acids, plus juice. made horlicks. ate softened dunked digestives. slept till 1145pm. woken up by hunger again. ate left over tuna shepherds pie and a mini papaya.

by the time this ordeal is over i'm going to get a peptic ulcer. I'M CONSTANTLY HUNGRY!!! I WANT FOOD!!! I WANT TO CHEW!!!

lucky i mentioned that i have gastric problems. i was prescribed some acid reflux medication.

surprised that i can sleep so much though. fell immediately asleep at 11 pm last night. and i took an afternoon nap too. enjoy it while it lasts. tomorrow have to go work.

if anyone is interested, the nurse called to check on me yesterday morning. don't like her attitude though. sometimes i wonder if they've been trained to sound nice whatever but ended up sounding condesending. today, i got another sms from the NDC reminding me that i have a 9 am appointment on thursday. i wonder what i will get tomorrow. i like the attention. :P

Sunday, September 23, 2007

*umpf umpf*

mr nice dentist is now mr extremely nice dentist. he smsed me at 930 am yesterday morning! good lordy. he asked about the numbness, the swelling, the blah blah blah. he sent enough messages for me to feel kinda... uneasy.

today, i'm waiting for him to sms me again. why? so i can worry about the bleeding gum. cos i think i may have nudged the sutures when i brush my teeth last night *looks guilty* i think i'm not suppose to brush this early but eee... my mouth was gross.

at any rate, i want to go see a GP but it looks like its going to rain leh.. 940am now..ok. it's raining already.

i'm half a mind about sending dr extremely nice an sos. i'm such a worry wart.

Friday, September 21, 2007

OW OW ^#$^&* OW OW

mr nice dentist just called to check up on me. having the wisdom tooth extract was the singularly most painful i've encountered. it beats getting 2 tattoos (multiple needle pricks), cat scratches, ipl (rubberband snaps), ba guan (vacuumed), acupuncture.

actually i couldn't feel the extraction, just lots of drilling and yanking. but when he jabbed the first needle full of anastetic, my gums burn and screamed and my heart wanted to jump out of my chest.

i suppose i scared mr nice dentist with my near fainting spell.

the remains of the offending tooth

the worse part was the tooth i removed wasn't the one i plan to remove since 2 years ago. aka, lower left side. lower right side started to hurt 2 days ago which accumulated into a pain that made me want to run around and scream this morning. which brought me to the staff clinic which resulted in a referral letter for today which resulted in me meeting mr nice dentist who was very eagar to remove my tooth. plus braces plus the discovery of another hidden tooth in my gums in the upper right side.

my gums feel molested by mr nice dentist. he was feeling them up. haha.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

i'm going to be famouse...

you know the DH is back when you don't see me online for days on end. right now he is working. at least he is right beside me rather than in the office, or in another country...

i've hit a creative stumbling block. i don't seem to want to make anymore cakes for now, too lazy to continue with the crochet, and on tuesday, i couldn't make a decent pair of earrings! oh dear. however i did try to complete 3 half made bags.

i finally sealed the lining for the clasp bobble bag with glue hahaha!!, glued a half lining for the pink but it still needs the lining and the zipper stitched in, and the green bag is being stiffened at the mo'. the peach cupcake bag probably won't be done for a while.

i hate my cat. she's given me another 2 scratches down my calf. i *counts* 6 scratches since the last 3 days.. however! she's going to make me famouse! i've submitted photos to my favourite blog.

it was no mean feat to get her to stay still enough to lay thing on her and capture is. mao mao doesn't like photo taking.. it seems that she can hear the click and whir from the camera when i focus. and i guess the glare irritates her, and she doesn't stay still.

anime is killing me. sleeping late is so not happening for me...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

one more day....

went and got the toes done. love!!! nice color yes? pretty yes?

it cost me 10$ for 2 toes. heehee. on top of the pedi price. it made me happy watching.. er debbie paint them.
i'm going back on sat to get the fingers done too. after that no more craft for me. :P maybe will take the opportunity to finish up the half made bags and half crochet shrug.

don't my toes look nifce and pink and hair free? i discovered the 'healing brush' function on photoshop and i 'removed' the hair. it looked quite natural too *ish proud of oneself*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ummph ummph

my heart haven't settled down yet. phfew. the apartment was swaying quite violently and i couldn;t really walk properly and the hanging light were swinging back and forth and i wanted to 'evacuate the flat and i looked at my cat and i wonder how am i going to evacuate her as well. luckily it stopped after a few minutes. and my heart's still thumping now. it's been more than 3 hours already.

i made 2 batches of lavender milk pudding today. once with 1/2 pint milk, 2 table spoons of cornstarch, 1 table spoons of sugar and lavender. it's alright but can be firmer. 2nd time with gelatine, 1/2 milk and 1/4 pint water and honey to taste. this is nice and light but the gelatine does have a smell and taste. next time i'll try with tapioca starch. might be tastier. but now i'm sick of lavender taste.. it;s the milk i swear... :P

anyways, yesterday i made lavender custard using the Bird's custard. i think the egg smell overwhelm the lavender and it's a complicated taste. also the colleague can't get over the fact that lavender is associated with the toilet.. :P

i've also cleaned out the brooches i made last year. they'll be at the shop or at yahoo.

and here are the cakes.

Monday, September 10, 2007

no more life!

we can't watch youtube at work 'nemore. we can't even download a .wma file off our own email. no msn. NO MEEBO!!! our lives are officially boring from now on. not that i chat a lot at work or watch loads of videos, but at least it's an option when we're waiting for that dreaded incubation time.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

one weekend.

I want to be like maomao. so blissfully lazing on a cloud of sheep.

but i'm riduculously moody this time round. don't like it when the DH is away. it's dull, most times lonely but i also on most occasion manage to keep it under control. i've broken down into bouts of tears this time though. gah. most of all, i cried for my brother, who had a father who didn't seem to want him since birth, and a mother who beat him when she should have protected him. will try to be kinder ya...

his birthday is coming round. 9-11. haha. i will get him a

or a

just kidding. *my mood is better if you had noticed*

he still visits father though, which is lucky for the old man for i'm currently nursing a grudge. once in a while i take it out to polish it but otherwise i keep it tucked away in a little box.

one cannot be so unlucky. i got 2 of these out of the $2 machine.. why is it that i always get the one that i do not want most. even if i didn't think of it....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

midnight madness

gosh i'm so tired. been sleeping past 1am this entire week. i can feel myself getting more and more sluggish by the minute, but that didn't kill my ability to shop. :)

recent acquisitions... oh joy

i got the faux lavender 2 weeks back. the pretty red basket was acquired on thursday. :) i'm planning to get more of the lavender.. they really look very pretty in that milk jug. i got them at the florist at joo chiat complex, a few of the staff remembered me from my previous forays a few months ago, back in january, when i bought lots of roses for those flower explosion balls.

new shop update. put up 6 more pairs of earrings. now i have all of my items put up. buy something please *puppy dog eyes*

Thursday, September 6, 2007

it's all good.

yay for me! i've finally put up most of my things for sale. my new shop Suzieduck Dreams. there are earrings and corsages currently, but occasionally i do make some necklaces. alternatively, you might want to visit my yahoo auction site as prices are listed there.

i'm up to my ears in projects. i've got half finished bags and a shrug, all in lovely crochet.

the book where the shrug pattern is... next up, the half baked shrug

there's also some felt food which i want to make from this book which i got.

insanely kawaii book of cuteness

i also would like to get my hands on this loveliness

so yummy and drool worthy

i did see a lot of other very desirable ones at the kino at liang court but i decided to withheld my temptation. thinking about it just makes me want to go tomorrow and grab it...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

the word is Paraphernalia

been trying to find this word the whole of last night! Paraphernalia

just want to say this for someone... men suck. but not my DH.

feeling rather useless at work. not doing much ya. but it's highly unprofessional to start crocheting here huh. keep on surfing lor...

i miss my DH. even more so now that i'm pmssy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

this is tough.. i suck at titles

still at it. it's been 4 hours since i've started. i did make all these things. someone has to see them! *feels proud* i spent about 300 to 40o making these 4 flower explosion balls and curtain ties.


Living Room

Hall curtain ties

they've been 'up' since january. heh. i've got ideas for autumn and winter but i'll probably be too lazy to put them up. or make them.

I also made an 'ANg Pao' box. it's now housing an assortment of beads and millinery items and wires and ribbon. the metal rack we bought from ikea, together with the very pretty white bookshelf which the DH decided to put it up by ourselves and regretting every minute of it. however the end result was very satisfying.

rACK with extra sofa cushion, a BIG bag of yarn and other metal findings....

More yarn and pretty fabrics

One day i'll sort out these things by type and color! till then, i'll have to rummage.

back to more photoshopping and tomorrow i promise the corsages will be up for sale!


Spent a better part of the night setting up shop, but not before i've had dinner (turkey and baby spinach sandwich and some harvest basil) and rooted some more basil.

Brainiac is on tv right now but i'm not paying attention to it. as usual i'm preoccupied with something else, right now it's blogging. my blogs in the past *counts 4* have been either abandoned or closed down. hopefully this will last for a bit.

the lavender seeds we got from hokkaido have sprouted. they're long and skinny now since it's rainy and cold and our apartment doesn't get direct light. they've been left out on the air-con unit to grab as much rays as they can.

Lemon balm, lemon balm seedlings, lavender seedlings

gosh darn. anime isn't airing tonight. D-gray Man is rather good.

it's time for supper. should i go for milo or have some more of that odd mutton tasting goat's milk. whot a tough choice.


got these on our hongkong trip last september. they'll absorb water and turn into perfect balls of gelly soil, which grows algae and weird bugs after a while. not suitable for my basil and lemon balm at all. how did the other keep theirs bug free?!
Random ballies

more MaoMao.

In sink on a hot day.

In bed on cooler days.

Attacked bed frame. see the carnage!

I want out

Monday, September 3, 2007


Nice! i wish i wish.. that this blog will be better behaved. i like the brown so far...

I've made the final move. It took me long enough. I am feeling a little blue now that 'trees' have been closed and deleted but hopefully the new email account will treat me nice. I might just close down the singnet account too. depends...

the colleagues discovered FACEBOOK today. they've been fooling around with it for the whole day. Add me

Argh... Lavender season in France... grrr.. but it's ok.. we did see quite a lot in our trip to Hokkaido
Unfortunately, the photos been loaded back to front... mwa ha ha!!

Tomita Farm Lavender Fields

Isn't this such a lovely sight. the ice cream was really yummy.

Lavendar Soft Serve

i might want to try and make some one day. I love the peaches too! we found some and Meidi-ya supermart but the DH asked if i'd was willing to eat a $12 peach.. even if they were....

Hokkaido Peaches at 2500Yen for 5

the cat's trying to blog too... and OMG! she's decided to sit on my lap. umm.. she's gone now...

Mao Mao looking bored