Friday, February 26, 2010

deco iphone case

behold the awesomness of my iphone case. acrylic worked very well with these cheap plastic iphone cases. the monomer will dissolve the plastic though so i have to avoid touching it when i shape my flowers.

i also plan to make jewellery with the acrylics and gel that i have but i'm very lazy right now. it doesn't stop me from painting my nails at least twice a week though. :P:P:P

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY yellow sparkly gel nails

i bought a gel nails kit in my last trip to beijing and i did my nails for the chinese new year.

this is how it looks like when i finish applying the gel. love the glitter!

i made the acrylic flowers separately and stuck them onto the nails a day later. i also made tiny hearts to celebrate valentine's day which fell on the same day as CNY.

unfortunately, these nails only lasted me 5 days. i took them out and practiced my gel application again, this time with peachy pink and white glitter.

i really loved how the qhite turned out, really frosty, like how an ice queen would look like.

i am getting slightly better at cuticle avoidance. these nails also lasted me 5 days before lifting and i plucked them out too. they're supposed to get soak-off gels and incubating them with a soaked cotton pad saturated with acetone remover does help a bit. they're fun to pull off the nails though.

Monday, February 8, 2010

manicure services for CNY

hello friends and relatives, i'm thinking of offering my nail painting services for the CNY. if you don't mind letting me practice on you. LOL. i'm still shy about working with strangers so i won't extend the service to the public yet.

my time's free for most of the week at night from after dinner around 8pm.

you can bring me a pic of the design you'd like me to copy, or just go with the flow...

here's a break down of the price list.

3 color gradation with sparkles = $12
plain color with paint on accents = $12 (2 fingers each) or $16(all fingers)

also available are 3-D acrylic flowers n ribbons. i'm only good with these LOL! but if you want like doggies or cupcakes you can let me know in advance so i can pre-make them.

i also have clear, blue and pink crystals. fimo flowers. glitter.. SMS me if interested.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

pink vacation toes with Etude House #19 spangle purple

i wore this when i was on vacation. i took them off today cos the DH drop and rod on my toes and i had to check if they'd bruised.

for this look i used a base color from Rainbow which i got for 3$ and topped it off with #19 from etude. lastly i stuck some matchy dried flowers and plastic rhinestones.

extreme foot close up!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

trip to Harbin and shopping in Beijing

i joined my Dh in BJ in the previous week and we stopped by Harbin for the weekend. it was "warm" at -17oC. LOL. we were very fashionable in our oversized ski gear but luckily we left before the temperature plummets to -30oC.

carriage ride across the frozen river, SongHua Jiang.

playing with snow in TaiYangDao.

looking like a terrorist in the Winter ice carving festival.

visiting the Siberian Tiger reserve. BESTEST! there were loads of baby tigers, so fluffy! i wanna cuddle all of them but they might bight my head off.

we also did A LOT of shopping in Beijing. bought more kites and our new ski wear and boots for me.

we actually didn't buy a lot did we? they just spread out wiiiide.

2 led table lamps, ski jackets and pants and "UGG" boots. some heat packs, DVDs for my mum, magazines and books, Chinese new yeay deco and ang pao, mushrooms and fungi from harbin, plus nail polishes and UV lamps and nail gel kit.

we also got a kitty house.

some succulent plants and lavender which we hand carried.

DH looking quite dashing with our loot.