Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

pissy offy and being happy


monday, got pissed off by someone and went out immediately after work and bought these since the boss agreed to sponser me...

made me happy for a leetle bit. all 120 pieces of it. meh, the boss gets a free illustrator by spending 300 rather than hire someone else for 700 a drawing.

tuesday, started coloring the heart. finished it today. i think i lost control and went all out with the shading. no pictures though, i guess for the sake of future copy right reasons. maybe after it's been accepted. or maybe i can zng it. this shall be put on hold.

This caught my eye at Q bread. OMIGOSH white chocolate covered doughnut with blueberry filling.

It's so pretty! i gave up eating with my hands and decided to devour it with a fork and knife instead. it's so rich and wonderfully sinful.

everytime i see something worthwhile to get for the office it doesn't make an appearance 'nemore, or it gets sold out. or in this case, one little girl beat me to it. no doughnut for the office then.

the DH has gone to sleep, which means i shall follow suit. he's back. yay.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i got my nail done..

again. this time not as good as debbie but still sweet. just not as bright so can't see much from far.
the art work for boss is killing me, and spoiling my eyes.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

still dead hari raya

i went out with my mum. we bought things in shades of blue. i ended up with 2 polka dot blue and turquoise blouse that looks almost the same. one dress.. not exactly blue but with blue flowers. and she got a blue dress. and a black blouse. haha. we boring.

taka was horrendously noisy. there was some burberry fashion show. loud music. loud restaurant with people talking = bad meal.

i think the baby cat wants dinner. she keep walking on the keyboard.

my mum got me pretty beads.

my plants fell and soil was all over the floor. haiyah.

saw the caran dache color pencils. 120 pieces costs 345.50SGD. aiyoh. must talk to da boss and make sure he's going to pay me if i ever get them.

i am very convinced that mao mao like the green and pink stripe bedsheets that feels like silk. i see cat shape holes in it every day when i come home from work. and she actually shared the bed with me this morning (which she never does, she no share bed, its either me or her) in the pile of the green silk which i had kicked into a corner.

i wonder what i want for dinner. i got me a chocolate cover doughnut for a snack.

weekly report done.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

as long as it's work related

it will never get done. so finally i made myself draw the picture of the infarcted heart. it's quite nice *ish proud* but it's colored in pencils. i still need to make it into a water color painting.

i took shots but i need to upload it. so there.... you need to wait.

today was the last appointment with mr nice dentist. i was there quite a long because after the cutting and the rinsing i had to wait for the braces guy to show up. then nice dentist was back again and then filled in form for consultation with Braces. and then it was done. or so i thought. while waiting to pay, the nurse called me back again cos he forgot and wants to look at my cavities. and then again followed me out to fill out the form to make appointment with the fillers people. and then he said take care. and walked back in. so finally. no more. *looks downcast* me is going to miss visiting mr nice dentist. he is quite um... sweet. today he noted that i had very pretty toe nail art. then he notice i had long lashes and enquired if they were fakes. haha. i replied that i had mascara on.. but my lashes are long in the first place lah. and he went. ahhhh. (note the abscence of punctuation, that is because i am a bad story teller)

boss bought me one slice of cake. to celebrate my.. er.. he said "getting your tooth back." and we all went..."didn't i remove teeth?" he's probably just happy that i'm finally back at work for him to torture.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

the Hulk

my nuaing is coming to an end *boo hoo*

i'm now sort of watching the Hulk and i wondered about jennifer connelly.. so she was that girl from Labyrinth. one of my favourite movie of all times. i do remember giving away my copy of the dvd to Liz so that i could get the GOld edition. but i never did. but i will.

was shopping when i found a new love. the Westie slouchy in pink! ohhhh... if only it were under 300$. I really like the bags at My Flat in London. they're not as obiang as the juicy couture ones. and so girly too.

i'm also re-visiting my love to Tarina Tarantino's jewellery. and i remembered saving tons of her Pink head kitties pic and then photo-shopping them and trying to turn them into brooches. which i did successfully. kinda. try looking for them in my other blog. *i smell copyright*

otherwise, i've been really excited about my new project but i ran out of beads. wah lao!!! and i can't get them till tuesday cos tomorrow i probably will be crying about the presentation i have to prepare for tuesday. which is also the day when i have to remove the stitches for my tooth. which means i have to bring forward the meeting. wah lao cry ah!!

it is conclusive. the baby cat like the "silk sheets'

i also like the 'silk' sheets. in fact we like our bed a lot. a bit too much... we fall asleep too quickly.

and also i wondered how to people link new posts with their old posts. how to remember that they blogged about it and where and then have to find the link and then.. if you got years of blog to track??

and also i didn't make chawan mushi again. instead i pan fried/grill some fish fillets (red snapper?) and made claypot froggies as mum got me 3.

pan fried fish: i used the left over dashi sauce from the previous night and soak the fish fillets for 4 hours ( i was at home, on other days i suppose overnight is good), then just pan grilled them with butter. maybe about 2 minutes on each side then leave for a bit longer to cook thoroughly but not overdone.

same with the frogs. i soaked them with the dashi, then before cooking, dump the dashi, add a dash of wine. then use the same wine, add dark soy sause, ginger juice and slices and sugar and the chopped up spring onions. wet the bottom of claypot before firing up, put in butter, fry the frog pieces for a bit then add the sauce then cover for a bit. don't cook too long. best is just before serving but then where got so good life right. you think zhu chao ah...

Friday, October 5, 2007

taste of spring onions in my mouth

yummy. and ginger. i had left over green tea soba and cold tofu from last night. i'm addicted to the taste of dashi sauce. *smacks lips*

dinner looked real pretty last night. i had all my pretty little bowls out. i ended up with lots of washing up too. even though it was a simple meal and most of it was cold, there was a lot of prep. ginger needs to be grated (OMG the grater killed me), spring onions chopped (easy but lots of washing up), eggs to be sieved (more washing), and soba cooked (some more pots) and chilled.

the DH don't like cold tofu. i know but i don't like to deep fry. we'll just have to go to sakae or sushi teh for that.

the chawan mushi turned out rubbery. i think the AMC pots heat up too much. AND i didn't cover the eggs when i steamed them. no covers.

today i shall try the eggs again. and put in less mushroom and stuff. which i think i shall go soak them soon...

martha stewart's been making cupcakes all week. they look so pretty. maybe i'll mak......e them..
er.... nevermind.

:{ today is the last day of my MC. next week i'll have to go back to work. AWWWW!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

old wives tales & being greedy

so last night we went to eat at Jiang Nan Crystal Jade. YUMMY! but then prawns and crab was ordered and i ate along happily cos i can chew. but... DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!

today i woke with a slightly more swollen cheek. seriuosly cannot eat seafood when you have some form of surgery and when the area is already inflamed. makes it worse. see la. now harder to chew.

me plan to make ommelette and cold soba and cold tofu and chawan mushi today. shouldn;'t be a prob. heheh.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

i shall miss you my dears

so here they are, the pieces of my left tooth. lucky i got it out as it was decaying in the middle already. another 6 months or more it'd hit the nerves. i had fun excavating it out yesterday.

and then i found some energy to piece it together. darn. i should have kept the other one too but i guess at that time i was too tired to bother cleaning it up. :(

the root is HuGe! haha. it took mr nice dentist quite some time to yank it out. my neck and shoulders were aching bad during the process.

see that hole in the middle ^ that's the excavated decay bit. the gray is the stuff i couldn't remove, it needs surgical tools man.

too bad they didn't give me everything so now i have 1/3 of it missing. else i'd turn it into jewellery.

on a prettier note. i'm going to put up my newly created things on the 'dreams' site. do go take a look.

here's a sneak...

modelled by horsey

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my tummy is not happy

that's because i have to keep swallowing saliva, and i have a lot os saliva now. and i swallow air. so i want to burp, but i cannot burp, and i feel gaggy. i don't like to feel gaggy.

i'm waiting for the pain killer to take effect so i can sleep. ;P it's make a pretty effective sleeping pill. but this is not as strong as the muscle relaxant that was prescribed to me last week. 2 of those killed me for almost 19 hours.

my cheek has not swelled to the size of hamsters' cheeks stuffed with seeds. phfew, cos i got a dinner date tomorrow at crystal jade man. but SOFT FOOD! wah lao... however, the DH has been very accomodating to me during the pre-op weekend. i've had shimofuri steak at pepper lunch, found a yummy lima bean/daal thingy at a malay kopishop at telok kurau and had crystal jade dim sum. how i miss my dim sum. maybe if i can chew (very soon!!) i will go again this weekend.

the DH has informed me that he will be back tomorrow! w00t! i want huggy.. >^**^<

TH went with me to chinatown on monday. i went berserk buying beads. i'm on a necklace phase now. i already finished 2 pearls and a black one. i'm going to complete the purple one later. i've also got quite a number of earrings done from last week's break. so i'm going to update quite a number of things tommorow and stop destroying my nails for a wee bit.

pictures will be up tomorrow. together with my other tooth. w00t!