Monday, September 5, 2011

Too cool for School

So I've almost been gone for a year. Been lacking the energy to do nail art that requires more than a simple paint job.

This came into my life almost 3 months ago so I've only managed to paint my nails when I have help around. New born suzette

She now looks like this coming to 11 weeks old. 11 weeks.

Blah blah blah, just popped in to say that I spotted a new line of makeup in Korea last week so I grabbed some stuff despite not needing them. I'm kinda still on maternity leave so haven't had the need to prettify myself except for the weekends.

So here I present 'Too cool for School'. Too cool for school.

Offhand I can remember the BB mousse n blusher were 20000won. The mascara n the pink beauty blender may be less than 10000won. One boutique was spotted at The famous Myeongdong. I bought my stuff from a fashion street near Sinsa station at Gangnam. I believe this brand is fairly new since I've only spotted these 2 outlets.

Signing off now. I'm still painting my nails so I have not exactly abandoned this hobby. See y'all again.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Opi Japanese rose garden with 3D flowers

Hope the new year brings more energy and inspirations. I'm aiming for a cheongsam/qipao look with this, to bring in some Chinese new year mood. Photos and blog post all done on the iPhone. Colors are fairly accurate.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orly's Pixie Dust -an attempt at Wedgwood blue.

PD is nowhere near Wedgwood blue but i was trying channel the delicate feel of fine china on my nails.

PD is a lovely grayed out baby blue(or dusty blue or dusky blue) with subtle glass shimmer. it's also easy to apply but still required 3 coats for true opacity. i'm wearing 2 here since i liked the way the pinks in my nail beds glowed through the polish.

here i am clutching my favourite daily drink. Yacult. it's getting sweeter on my palette but since the lady drops by every week i have no heart to send her away without buying any.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chinaglaze's Midnight Mission

good gosh! Pardon the knuckle hair. MM did not cause me grief in application and that is all that i remembered. prolly 3 coats here but will work well with 2. seche vite will cause shrinkage but at tips and cuticles.

here's one of cat trying to maul me.

my favourite large orange ombre crystals. i want to stick it everywhere.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chanel's khaki vert

i didn't really want to write a post on this since my pictures didn't come out very well. plus i've worn the mani for a week before pictures were taken.

but i wanted to show you my wall color. eh heh heh heh.

it's no wonder that i am attracted to this and trekked all the way to the Marina Bay Sands' (with my mother!) Chanel counter to hand over SGD$35 for a bottle of polish.

a fuzzy but true color rep.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodies in the bag Pt4

my cousin offered to help me get some things while he's on his belated European honeymoon so of course i just HAD to give him a list.

He stopped by London and got the saddlebag that i requested. it's a little smaller than i had anticipated and i regretted not ordering the diaper bag instead.

He also stopped by Paris and i made him go to one of my Favourite finds in Paris. The Fragonard perfumerie. my list included the "box of 10 mini perfume" as well as both the children's one

he only managed to get his hands on the children's set as the other was sold out. :( i'm currently wearing the Little Adventurer's scent and it's invigoratingly citrusy :)

Hershey's chocolate world has a new outlet in Tampines mall. Reeses peanut butter cups. 'Nuff said! LOL!!

Here's the cat looking fluffy.

End of "Hauls blogging" for this week. I must start to save up the extras for my trip in December. i will be in Melbourne for training and then some vacationing. Any recommendations makeup and nail polish wise? i'm also looking forward to fleas and craft shops too!

Goodies in the bag Pt3

Things came in the mail last week too! My Nars' 18% spree items arrived as well as some polishes from Nailvibe.

let's talk about the polishes.

after falling in love with Nars' Midnight Express and realising that there's no way i can get my grubby hands on them i went on a blue polish hunt. i settled for OPI's Dating a Royal; and of course i HAD to buy more than 1, my first Essies another gold for frankening and art.

Nars goodies. Luster blush, Hungry Hearts highlight bronzer duos and Barbarella lipstick.

i was in a bronzer mood when i ordered these so the colors are in the same tones.

here's a better color rep of Luster, which i am liking much more than Orgasm (i'm thinking of having a blog sale for that).

swatches from top to bottom: Luster blush, HUngry Hearts duo and Barbarella lipstick.

Hungry hearts is very glittery, which i am not overly fond of, but it does manage to give my cheeks a nice glow. definitely not bronzer material.

Barbarella is another peachy nude color but it is a bit on the sheer side and thus require more work on darker lips like mine.

Goodies in the bag Pt2

yes, the Takashimaya members extra 10% off.

the DH and i both got Casio watches at 'special' prices. heehee. both are black and matchy matchy. i'd take a nicer pix but he wore it to another work trip.

and this is also the first time i've ever gotton make up with the DH in tow. so embaressing! i caved in and bought myself the Lancome Teint Miracel Foundation. You can read all about it on one of my favourite beauty blogs;Rouge Deluxe.

i've only wore it for 2 days, but both days were sunny, hot and humid and i am glad to say that it's really light and comfortable. it also controlled oil well.

Goodies in the bag Pt1

Another weekend, another round of hitting the malls.

The MAC Venomous Villians hunt.

of course i've gotto get Bad fairy nail polish. it's an awesome ombre duochrome from yellow/orange to red/magenta. i have a bad for ombre colors in the warm spectram ever since i spied my eyes on the Coach Ombre Framed Clutch.

others include Bite of an Apple blush(bright coral), Sweet Joy e/s(for general highlighting use) and Strange Potion lipglass(easy to wear peachy pink nude)

i got items that appealed to me and items that i know i will use on a daily basis, not just based purely on internet hype. i didn't manage to get my hands on the She who Dares e/s duos despite sitting for 1.5 hours waiting for the store to open. luckily the green swatches similar to my favourite Fyrinnae's Dragonmagic.

more product pix.

some swatches in different lighting. Top to bottom; Bite of an Apple, Sweet Joy and Strange Potion.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nubar's Milk Chocolate Creme

i didn't execute this NOTD very well so it really was NOTD. i wore it for less then 24 hours before taking it off. 2 coats, see the bald spots?

the tip was 1 layer of Raspberry Truffle. didn't like how it turned out either.

i have the same application problem of it drying too quickly and thus causing cuticle drag. i have to work in a breeze free zone. i find the smaller brush harder to use too.