Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shopping alone will empty your pocket

blah blah blah.. so i ended up going to DFS. LO! BEHOLD! they have the MAC Liberty of London Collection there! common knowledge was that it's only available at Tangs Orchard and Vivocity.

so i hurried over and waved the sample at the SA. They have it! BLISS!!! my life is now complete. i've been trying to find dupes everywhere. in fact, i've joined a spree to get Up the Amp to satisfy that violet craving.

there's something addictve about MAC's lipsticks. it makes me want to buy more. it smell so yummy of vanilla but it's also very light. i just want to bite into it!

i also got a Henry Cats pouchette. it took me a long time to decide between just 2 of them. i finally settled for Julie, at least that's what i think she's called.

tonight i plan to make some false nail tips. thinking of doing a pink and lace design. i'm thinking of selling them. would anybody be interested at all?!

Coffret D'Or nail art simulator

found an interesting site when i was browsing the new updated Coffret D'Or site. of course i came to know about this site via Haru's blog at Rouge Deluxe, my goto site for updates.

this is a Nail Art simulator. so what you do is choose a template, select some colors and click and drag the accents to place on your nail.

after you're done, you can either reset it or "ok" it. choose which category you'll like your nail art to be in and click on the right most button to comfirm. the left button is to go back. ta da!! your nail art will be in the archives.

i tried a few designs but there isn't any interesting colors to choose from and everything looks muted on my screen. also it lacks a rotation function so some of the non homogenous accents are stuck in one direction only. all in all, it's a fun way to kill some time and to get some inspiration.

it's a good change: feeding stray cats

i saw this poster at my mum's block last night.

i think it is a good way to deal with the aunties and uncles who feed the strays out of the kindness of their hearts. it is so much better than telling them not to feed the cats or have AVA coming around once in a while to cull them. ;__;

i've lost many a cute cats from my area possibly due to capture and cull.

but i also think that the aunties from around my place feed the cats way too much. there's always so much left over cat food everywhere. it's not a surprise that the rest of the residents complain about the mess. it's really not a pretty sight, especially wet canned food.

i must contact the Cat Wellfare society to spread their message here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Orly Cupcake KOTD with Nfu Oh 133

i was pouring one day i wanted to test if the increase in air humidity + cooler temperature will aid my success with KONAD. it did. surprisingly, i have a better success rate with using other polishes than the KONAD special polish.

these are some of the grays i tried but in the end i stuck to using NFU 133, which is the darkest gray here.

if dry cuticles give you the heebie geebies you can stop looking from here on. :P:P:P i've just started trimming my cuticles and this was my second attempt here.

i also blamed the workshop that i attended that week that required us to wear powdered gloves for the whole day. too drying!

Orly Cupcake is a sheerish muted pink that flatters my skin tone. pastel pinks don't really work for me so i am happy that i've got this. application is easy peasy but you might want to do 3 coats if you are picky. i think i wore 2 here.

i hope everyone enjoys looking at my NOTDs as much as i enjoy doing them. <3

if i were to get something from MAC, what would you recommend? i've already set my eyes on dirty plum blush, up the amp and laugh a lot lipsticks.

My Bday 2010

on Earth Day i celebrated my &^%^* bday. that's the cake my colleagues got for me. they got all &^$&% candles but decided to only stick one in. LOL. so pretty.

i was also gifted a pretty pink gerbera bouquet by the same girls <3.

QL gave me a pretty card and a shabby chic hat pin. i wore it home btw and am wearing it now. too cute!

some of them also brought me out for lunch and got me a blueberry cheese japanese swiss roll. there's still some leftover in the fridge. YUMMAY. and i went for a fertility massage at Rustic Nirvana. i think i still smell of the herb wrap. ;o

thanks girls for making the day beautiful!

the DH celebrated my pre-bday before he left for korea. i have since given him a shopping list. :)) we went to a fancy japanese restuarant at Millenia Parco. sorry, there isn't any photoes because we were so hungry the minute food was served we attacked it.

Earth Day NOTD II : Nfu Oh 569

So as i am typing this out i'm stalking the sun. it's bright and sunny today but still overcast with moving clouds.

everytime i take a claw shot i get a little sunburn. that's how hot it is here almost all the time.

in bright light, my fingers look dark.

overcast and with flash.

569 is a beautiful rich green jelly that's got an inner glow in any light.

the formula is a little bit tricky to use. it applies very sheer and it will drag, creating bald spots. this is one thin layer and one thicker layer. the polish like to stick together so use a little bit more and try to spread it out evenly and pull off the excess. one good thing about the consistency is that it evens itself out creating an smooth finish. next time i will try to use 3 thin layers and see how that works.

you will also notice that i've got neater cuticles now! i bought a cutter and have been trimming them down. yup yup! cuticle trimming is now available.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Earth Day NOTD with NFU OH 569 & 087

Happy Earth Day! i'm very pleased to share me Bday with Mother Earth so i decided to commemorate the day with a green mani.

bottle is 569

the idea was alright but the execution leaves a lot more to be desired. the sponging was terrible and the tip pull is hideous. that's my fault for trying to attempt to do nail art when i'm half asleep.

bottle is 087

i always like to moisterise my hands before putting on any varnish but you'll have to allow the cream to fully sink in. i do not remove oils from my nails prior to applying varnish.

Nfu 569 is a gorgeous green jelly that's supposed to be a NARS Zulu dupe but since i'll probably never that in the flesh i'll just settle for this.

that said, i don't think Nfu 569 is suppose to be used in a gradient mani, it deserves to be worn in it's full jelly goodness. i'm taking this off asap!

087 is a pale green shimmer. i really like it

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nfu Oh 304

a pretty gray that compliments my yellow-overtoned skin. it's an alternative nude look and is very pretty. a black and white sticker completes the look. i've been wearing shoes a lot lately so i wonder why i'm wearing such a pretty POTD. :P

Monday, April 19, 2010

MAC's blue india franken

Sara at icyabstract had a post on how she almost duped Blue india using Rainbow polishes and i thought that it was a great idea since i have a ready supply of Rainbow polish right at my doorstep!

it's been raining almost every evening and i do like that color of the sky and clouds when it's just about to pour. all the grays and dusty blues and purples.

so anyways i cleared out some unloved polishes and used the bottles.

i don't have an exact formula/recipe but it's mainly 70% blue, 3-5 drops of black and a few drops of the pearl. add a little and shake and then add some more to get a nice slate blue.

this is 2 coats with SV top coat.

the effect i had wasn't as bright as Blue India but it had that lovely pre-storm dark sky color. using the same formula i also made another color that's more grayish. i'll wear that as my next mani.

here are some more pics with different lightings.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Opi Lincoln PArk after Dark suede wtth KONAD

my first KOTD! after fiddling with my konad kit for 2 days i finally succeeded in actually transfering konad stamps properly. but my aiming's off though.

i removed my initial konad attempt with remover and it removed the base color of LPAD leaving behind a metal sheen. lovely.

more konad practice over the metallic finish of LPAD.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nfu Oh 51

i've been sucked into playing Farmville, Pet Society and Cafe World on Facebook. it's taking up my time LOL!

the DH really liked these nails. it flashes red and green and bronze, even to make a nail color interesting to him.

i painted a dark blue base before overlaying it with 2 layers of #51. i find that it helps to bring out the sheer purple base color. the acrylic flowers also helped to bring out the purple color of the base color.

see the transition from green to red sparkles!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

haul for the month

as usual we were in town today, and all i intended to get today were

to orgarnize my polishes, and these, to replace some basics that i've overgrown.

something i saw a few weeks ago and it's been bugging me.

but i had to pass by Tangs to get to the Guardian at the Paragon and noticed the big posters advertising the official launch of MAC's Liberty of London collection, plus some cute dresses on display. so we went in. these resulted...

a pretty dress not made out of chiffon. the lining is cotton and not those polyester things that get really warm.

i also bought myself my first pair of sunglasses at the The Spectacle hut(Taka watson's) at a 20% discount.

i got them in anticipation of a great big summer vacation. these are the only one of the few that fit me well without my lashes brushing on the lens or the frame sitting on my cheeks.

check out the cute butterfly details.

I also made the DH pay for my first MAC item ever. mwa ha ha!! i'm going to pay him back, i just want to utilise his card to clock points for TANGS.

one of the reasons i checked out the Liberty range was because of the packaging. i love flowery botanical prints. i tried Peachstock and Blooming Lovely and i loved them both. unfortunately for me they ran out of BL. Vivocity still had 9 pieces left but i'm not that obsessed with makeup to actually drag the DH down for it. however, if anyone of you out there who has Blooming Lovely and doesn't like it can sell it to me :)))