Friday, June 25, 2010

Tickle my francey is a pinkish nude. goes well with my yellow toned skin. i've decided to wear some sunflowers to celebrate my Tuscany vacation.

i've used gold glitter for the heart of the flowers, darkened with some black acrylic paint. painted the petals with red, orange and yellow acrylics.

3d effects were done using acrylic powder and painted again.

i've layered some glass glitter top coat over the base. it makes it look as if the polish has bubblez. eep.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nfu Oh 444 with 2 looks

by the time this post it scheduled to be publish i will hopefully be seeing some lavender, even though i'm not in Provence.

444 is another taupey nude color that can look purplish in some light. it's a creme but i've layered some glass fleck glitter on top.

i think this is a rather neutral color, in the bottle it looks warm but on my fingers it pulls a cool tone.

and because i've failed miserably on trying to have lavender sprays on my fingers (purple totally disappears into the nail base), here's an alternate look.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

TFS OR 202

a color that reminds me of orange juice. YUM!

i've fallen into the lazy trap. i've run out of nail art ideas. :(

i'm playing "hide and go seek" with the sun.

an orange that doesn't make my skin look sallow. nice.

oops, bye bye sun.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

TFS BL606: an attempt of the Bohemain look

this is the only "accurate" picture i could get of this awesome polish. it's a dark but bright cerulean blue with a yellow hue.

all TheFAceShop polish are highly pigmented (except for the lights) and will thicken with time. and the fumes will probably burn a hole in your throat and lungs. :O

the photo above have been manupilated to try to bring out the yellow hue but to no avail. my CANON 500 seems to take pictures on the bluish side.

MAC haul: to the beach

So like any other MAC adoring public, i fell into the hype for the Marine Life Highlight. or whatever it's called. i'm not even a MAC fan. i just read Temptalia all the time. :P

right, the reason i wanted Marine Life Highlight, besides the pretty seahorse design (check out the pygmy seahorse), is the color. it's a pretty corally pink, and i do not have that range of blush in my stash. a lemming is born.

it launch last friday, i was on leave, i reached the counter at maybe 1.30pm. it was sold out, "everywhere" said the MA. i also checked out the isetan counter, and even DFS. -ve. it launch at 12pm.

yesterday i was feeling emo and what i needed was some pretty bright corals. LOL! tried tangs vivocity. nil. i went back to cityhall and got Hipness instead. a similar but not so orange and more pink. happy!

i also bought crosswires lipstick. it looks so different on me. more dark red. now i want a Korres Mango butter with SPF, which will do nicely on my European/Meditarranean vacation.

i'm on a new juice diet, consisting of one potato(small), 1 celery stalk and half a green apple, maybe half a carrot. and some lemon juice to prevent oxidation. it's suppose to expel my body's accumulation of uric acid etc so i will get less aches and pains. it seems to be working. plus it stopped my gastric reflux somewhat. potato juice is not bad LOL.