Friday, September 21, 2007

OW OW ^#$^&* OW OW

mr nice dentist just called to check up on me. having the wisdom tooth extract was the singularly most painful i've encountered. it beats getting 2 tattoos (multiple needle pricks), cat scratches, ipl (rubberband snaps), ba guan (vacuumed), acupuncture.

actually i couldn't feel the extraction, just lots of drilling and yanking. but when he jabbed the first needle full of anastetic, my gums burn and screamed and my heart wanted to jump out of my chest.

i suppose i scared mr nice dentist with my near fainting spell.

the remains of the offending tooth

the worse part was the tooth i removed wasn't the one i plan to remove since 2 years ago. aka, lower left side. lower right side started to hurt 2 days ago which accumulated into a pain that made me want to run around and scream this morning. which brought me to the staff clinic which resulted in a referral letter for today which resulted in me meeting mr nice dentist who was very eagar to remove my tooth. plus braces plus the discovery of another hidden tooth in my gums in the upper right side.

my gums feel molested by mr nice dentist. he was feeling them up. haha.

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