Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TheFaceShop OR 204 with acrylic nail art

on sunday i hauled a couple of polishes and decided to wear one of them.

it's a yellowish orange that reminds me of a satsuma or mandarin orange but it showed up pink on the first coat due to it's sheer nature. it's more orange then the picture showed it to be. i have not seen the sun in days.

it's great to use as a one color gradient nail. you just have to build up the layers as you near the tip.

of course i have to practice with my acrylics more. on to making more flowers. my favourite design.

i wore these nails on monday. flowers on my thumbs and ring fingers.

hehe. on monday night i wanted to practice somemore so i did the rest of my fingers as well. eh heh heh heh.

i'm not so good with the leaves but i will work on it!

Post Christmas Nail with acrylic hearts

on boxing day i decided to try out the nail acrylics. i practiced making hearts on my Christmas red nails.

they actually don't look half bad on the photo. ;) the execution wasn't as neat as i liked it to be though.

on sunday i was at Starhub and the SA that was serving me had on purple glitter gel nails with the cutest 3D ribbons and hearts, needless to say i was felt rather self concious with my crude hearts. so i took them out at night. :P

Friday, December 25, 2009

snowflakes over wintry nails and christmas red nails

i just couldn't leave my nails alone without drawing on them, since my original idea was to have snowflakes so i got my paints from work and started doodling.

the lines are a little chunky but i'm satisfied with them. lol. i only wore them for 3 days because i took them out last night for some christmas fun.

i used some bronze and gold glitter and rhinestones for this look.

my original plan was to draw in some holly and gingerbread man and i even practiced drawing with my other hand but i think for once i will stick to a clasic design.

i made a mistake of not drawing a cleaning smile line and placing most of the glitter on the red but. now i'm itching to redo it but i suppose it's only for another day or 2. i'm itching to wear pastel colors!

christmas hauls

Merry Christmas to all!!!

my DH, bless his soul is still asleep. lol. i tried to irritate him by poking his painful pimple but it didn't work. imma show off some christmas goodies to you guys.

the DH was in Beijing over the weekend and he brought me some more nail art goodies. he's really good at picking out the sweet stuff with the minimal instructions i give him.

there are a box of glitters and a box of mini bullions beads. dried flowers, fimo flowers and lace stickers. a wheel of rhinestones and some acrylic molds. these are "imitation" molds and i'll see if i get sick from using them. lol.

i recently cleared out my jewellery box so now i have a fancy place to store these beauties.

i'm offering free nail art services to my cousins! lol.. just bring me something good to eat, i'm available on most weeknights and then maybe the weekends too.

DH's colleague also helped to hual me back some polishes on his trip to korea.

i gave him a list of 44 (oops) and he managed to get about 12 of them. many thanks!

the DH was afraid that i'd be disappointed and he promised to get me the rest on his next trip to korea. ;)

i also picked up my package at the post office yesterday. w00t! my acrylics arrived.

the monomer liquid leaked and there's about 4/5 left in the bottle. OMG the smell of organics will knock you out. i'm almost afraid to try to use it as it might burn my lungs and throat. i also ordered a set of colored acrylic powder and i can't wait for them to arrive.

did everyone get good stuff for the holidays?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

wintry fingers, Orly Country club khaki and Lunasol

i'm still having visions of blue and silver for winter (i'm pretending that it's snowing here ;>) and i don't have any silver at home. i decided to go for nude and blue instead.

this is a pretty neat combination of colors. i didn't really like how this blue looked on my fingers but i really love the hue. i noticed that wearing it as a french tip works. so next time you have a color you love but looks awful on you, wear it on the tips.

things i used.

the tips were sponged on. i'm rather addicted to sponging and i find that it's easier to french with a sponge then painting it on directly.

water marbling nails

i have oodles of time today so i decided to try water marbling.

it didn't go so well. i picked out a Lunasol, an old Sally Hansen and an Orly. all dried out too quickly while in the water even before i can pull a toothpick through.

the results were a tad dismal and anyways i didn't have the colors i envisioned which were blue and silver. all my silvery glittery stuff were at work.

it's also seriously messy and i have water dripping all over. i think i will put this project on hold for quite a while.

wintry toes and girly fingers

the sun came out today and i am at home. i normally do my nails at night so i depend on the kitchen light.

so i took these photoes before i clean off my finger. i got bored of them lol.

i'm not really good at cuticle control. it sometimes gets quite thick since i like to color all the way to the edge. i never really like to do the salon way of avoiding it.

see the pretty reflection.

i do groom my toes so that they be pretty, and clean.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

nails here, hair there.

i cut my hair. i don't like it. *sighs* i shoulda stuck to the bob. maybe i will wear my berets till it grows out and doesn't stick up all over the place.

i found the stick on nails that was given to me years ago. i'll probably never wear them but they sure are cute.

i also bought a huge bottle of Seche Vite on saturday. am i insane? the bestest fast dry top coat evah! 'cept for the smell...

some daylight pictures of the red gradation nails from last week.

decided to do a pink gradation love theme nails.

i made polymer clay ribbons and stuck one on my thumb. now i want to pluck it out. lol.

my favourite toes for the holidays. blue and frosty with snowflakes and snowman.

painted some penguins for a demanding colleague today. lol. she wanted all their expressions to be different. i think i actually succeeded.

did something edgy for another sweet colleague.

for another something sweet and pretty.