Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Shoppingz Spam

what do you do when you have credit card vouchers? you buy more MU! muah ha ha. these departmental store vouchers came in handy as i was eyeing and dying to try some new stuff.

from Takashimaya i got the Shu Uemura Fall 2010 florescent palette (purple)(125.00SGD) as well as a Chanel Rouge Allure laque (No.76,Ming)

i shall not put up my shoddy attempt at swatching the Chanel as you can find some lovely swatches online(wink wink, Temptalia)

on the fashion front, i got some essential socks and some jumpers. I'm showing one here. got a total of 3 this month. i now have 4 and i wear them as often as i can!

i tried to capture all 4 in a photo but one will always be in the wash!

a couple more Japanese mags that the DH got from another trip.

OPI's were from the result of some Robinson vouchers and the CG and Orly i collectied from Gwen(Gwensprees,Onsugar) yesterday.

*Takes deep breath* Yep! that's quite a lot of shopping. I'm planning to go away in december so i'm trying to show restraint in the next month. like that will ever work. hahaha!!!

p.s. i'm expecting an OCC lip tar, MAC VenomousVillians (fingers crossed for the online availability),, Kira Kira contacts and dollywink lashes.

Sinful Color's Let's Meet

i had a mini haul when Cherry Culture was having a 20% off. i got myself some Sinful Colors and i am mighty please to have gotten Let's Meet.

this is a shimmery yellow and i think this is 3 coats. it's relatively easy to apply without terrible streaking.

i've also bought a whole lot of crystals in different duochrome colors and i love to use them so expect lots of similar NOTDs from now.

crystals are very easy to use when your in a design funk but can't seem to wear a 'naked' mani.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project's Cosmic blue with CC Dorothy who?

this was the only nail polish i got when vacationing in Italy.

i saw it in Coin(departmental/pharmacy/grocery) and it was part of a Peacock feathers collection. So far i couldn't find any information online.

it was a beautiful dark blue teal with colorful shimmer in the bottle(probably due to the refraction from the bottle) but the shimmer did not translat so well on the nails. i like to have more pronounced glass shimmer.

i overlayed the tips with Dorothy Who? from Chinaglaze for extra sparkle.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Orly's Solid Gold KOTD

the neighbour's kids are making a ruckus and OMG the echos down the corridors and stairwells. *feels a migraine coming on*

this color gives me the shivers. good shivers. see the glittery goodness? i'll bet it's look spectacular with a shiny top coat on.

i've used plate m57 for this. i've discovered that i can scratch out the Konad stamp on the matte surface. i guess it's a sacrifice i have to make to retain that matte sheen.

tip wear after a few days. you can see the metallic silver grit that they use to make the polish matte.

brown acrylic powder for the ribbons and flowers. i have not done this for so long. getting real rusty with the shapes.

tip: if you run a remover lightly over this type of matte polish, you can remover the upper colored part and reveal a different look.

i made the mistake of wearing solid without a basecoat. it stained my nails a crazy yellow! i've never experienced staining this bad ever.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OPI's who the shrek are you??

i'm sure everyone's seen swatches of this awesome chartreuse lime green goodness. i've decided to make it a little more bling bling, and create more glitter dust in the house.

the DH got me some awesome fimo flower which i've never used! bad me.

this glitter is from Coastal Scents. it's their Fairy Glitter Dust. it's a sample so i'm not sure which collection did it come from. i am very tempted to get mor of these.

the sample came in a cute little pot. better than the sample baggie i bought LOL!

and on more for luck. i didn't want to totally cover the pretty shrek green so i only cover parts of my nail with the glitter.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

OPI's moon over mumbai

this mani turned out rather nice now that i've seen these pictures. i didn't particular like how the gems turned out cos some of the spangles were pearlised and the colors are not vivid enough.

this mani will be repeated again with brighter colors. that said, i really like MOM. i wore 3 coats here.

unfortunately, i only wore this for 1 day. yup. i did it on sunday (i was ill btw), and i didnt' go to work on monday so i got bored and took it off to do another mani. uh huh. the nail art must go on even in the face of a bladder infection.

hope you haev enjoyed my last series of scheduled posts. hopefully by now i'd have accumulated a few more NOTD's. :P

Japanese goodies

while the DH is packing for another trip to Japan, imma put up some yummies he brought back from his last trip. pictured above are the soft and fluffy Camembert cheese cake. there's also some sweets from another of his Munich trips. Hanuka wafers, Hazelnut ballz and gummies.

don't we all love Japanese confectionary. picture taken straight from the refrigerator. it's been a month and we still have not open these boxes.

he even brought me some mags! I didn't ask for any cos it slipped my mind that he was going to 'zine heaven. this time round i'm sure to give him a list! :P

Saturday, September 11, 2010

nubar and cherry culture hauls

i wanted to try nubar for some time, since it's BIG 3 free. i'm trying to avoid certain chemicals since we're trying to get preggers. uh huh. (i'm still reliant on seche vite, some things i just won't give up)

i managed to find a seller on evil bay with reasonable prices and decent shipping. all in all i paid 109SGD for these 10 bottles. not too shabby.

i got some chocolates, coral, green and glitter, plus their base coats. so far so good. i'm not fond of the small brush that picks up too little polish at a time.

i've also made use of the Cherry Cultre 20% back to school sale to haul some polishes that i refuse to pay retail for. i'm a cheapskate.:P

actually, together with the shipping i ended up paying a dollor or 2 less than retail. LOL! at least i got to try Sinful Colors.

i've also gotten addicted to buying crystals. be prepared to see these being used heavily in the next series of NOTDs.

blings are so easy to use when in a creative funk. plus i like shiny things.

check out the ombre shades. i want to get more!

i'm so excited with this achievment that i just have to quickly blag about it. ;P and plus the fact that i didn't have to spend oodles amount of cash on getting this done.

i bought an Argentinian football iphone case at a sale. since football season is over these were going for $10 as oppose to $35. the reason i choose this design is because it's easier to prettify (not like the german, or brazilian etc). It's a sweet baby blue shade. <3 i started by buying some deco glue. deco glue is a clear viscous liquid that sets in about 1+ hours, so you still have a chance of making little alignment changes. also the viscous properties mean that the lace will not soak up everything and make sticking it to something impossible.

very carefully spread the glue over the lace. i glue down in sections so that i will not creat a sticky mess. deco glue is sticky! remember to avoid the camera hole otherwise you will get shadows.

i simply made a bow with matching blue ribbon and use some deco glue to stick it down.

i've actually worked with the phone in the case because i want to make sure that i have enough clearance for the hinge. otherwise when that glue sets i might not be able to close the case. wait to dry overnight.

i got carried away and didn't capture any 'in progress' pics. basically what i did was to place crystals randomly onto the case. (i removed the phone this time) when i'm about satisfied with the placement i glued everything in place with Diamond Glaze.

i love this so much i think i want to deco my makeup brushes next. all in all, i spent about 20SGD on the crystals and deco glue plus 10SGD on the case. i already have the lace and ribbons and the diamond glaze in my craft stash.

opi's black onyx hologram goodness with coastal scents glitter

yup. i'm bad with titles. but i love this mani. i've had people asked if this was gel nails. *ish proud*

in the shade.

this is achieved simply but putting on 2 coats of black (i've used OPI's black onyx here), dipping my just painted finger into the baggie of glitter and lightly tap to adhere the glitter better, brush off the excess with a paint brush and then finally a coat of seche vite, or 2.

and because i love this so much, and it's hard to capture the holographic goodness of this NOTD, imma picture spam you guys.

blur shots show better bling.

this was the glitter i got from Coastal Scents 20% sale.

they've also sent me a sample of their golden glitter with i've worn with another NOTD.

more images. feel free to skip. lol!

i took these pics after wearing these nails for about 4 days so there's plenty of the micro scratches on the top coat already. this is a gripe with seche vite top coat, it scratch easily(then there's the smell and the fact that it thickens too quickly)