Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer vacation

well, we're suppose to be on vacation but we ain't going anywhere. somebody couldn't tear himself away from his work it seems. we could already be in Bali by now, or Bintan.

at any rate, we did go to the beach this morning but since we weren't near any bike rental place we ended going to the pool. now the DH looks like a lobster. :P

tomorrow we'll be better prepared. sunblock. clean undies. food. he did promise to take me to the pool again tomorrow, and we'd try to get near a bike rental shop.

yesterday i made this.

Big Eyed Bambi

i got the idea from this charm that i see on some sites.

and i was itching to get one and since i don't see it here, i decided that i can needle one into shape. the toughest thing is to make the legs. my fingers are suffering from multiple puncture wounds now. i really should get me some thick finger gloves.

today i made a giraffe. i was planning to make something big and fat and cute but this one turned up almost anatomically correct. the legs are of course short and stumpy. i started at about 5 pm, made dinner at 7pm. by the time it was 10 and the blue planet was showing i was putting in the spots. heheh. not bad for today.

mao mao helps to model.

i really like this 'eye' effect. it's weird but somehow it makes the eye sparkle. and since i do not have black, all my animals are gonna be brown and doe eyed.

i'm not sure what to do with them now. the giraffe was suppose to be for me new bag. i might turn the deer into a charm, maybe for handphone, or a pendant.

i'm done bragging now. i wonder what i can acheive tomorrow.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my toilet smells like cat wee

sighs. i wish that my apartment has a rubbish chute attached. so i can dump rubbish away immediately. so i don't have to dress up just so to throw away smelly bags of eated foods and kitty wee.

so.. i made quite a few good stuff this weekend. i turned some cupcake into studs, finished up my 'easter' earrings, bird tree, love dove, and my absolute fave, little red riding hood complete with the BIG BAD WUFF.

just too bad that the DH has hijacked the camera away in china. so no pictures. right now i'm starting on the 3 little piggies, and another BiG BAD WUFF.

what other fairy tales would you like to see on your ears?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

making miniatures

the reason i wanted to try needle felting is cos the result is fuzzy and the animals look live like. it is made from wool after all. i like my furry things.

my first attempt at making a terrier. i modeled it after a friends dog. unfortunately i also managed to turn her terrier into a dachshund. ah ha ha ha. it's a tershund. a dashier. w00t!

but i have to say that it's rather cute ya.

i also made a cat but eee... me dun like.

it looks like some deranged animal hybrid. :P

me will try again.

Monday, June 2, 2008

crafting madness

a friend recommend that i register with this:
that means i have to open an account with LJ and maybe post on it too. the registration rules are quite stringent but i suppose it is suppose to protect the buyers. which i understand. more work for me then. maybe i really should enquire about how q box operates.

i've been meaning to post for days but i actually havent' turned on my pc much. that's because i've been hooked onto my new hobby. Needle felting!

so after about 100$ and 4 broken needles later, i have these...

which have also been turned into earrings and put up on the shop.

i love the look that the wool gives. like a real animal. it's all fuzzy.

what else should i make? hmmm