Monday, September 3, 2007


Nice! i wish i wish.. that this blog will be better behaved. i like the brown so far...

I've made the final move. It took me long enough. I am feeling a little blue now that 'trees' have been closed and deleted but hopefully the new email account will treat me nice. I might just close down the singnet account too. depends...

the colleagues discovered FACEBOOK today. they've been fooling around with it for the whole day. Add me

Argh... Lavender season in France... grrr.. but it's ok.. we did see quite a lot in our trip to Hokkaido
Unfortunately, the photos been loaded back to front... mwa ha ha!!

Tomita Farm Lavender Fields

Isn't this such a lovely sight. the ice cream was really yummy.

Lavendar Soft Serve

i might want to try and make some one day. I love the peaches too! we found some and Meidi-ya supermart but the DH asked if i'd was willing to eat a $12 peach.. even if they were....

Hokkaido Peaches at 2500Yen for 5

the cat's trying to blog too... and OMG! she's decided to sit on my lap. umm.. she's gone now...

Mao Mao looking bored

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