Wednesday, July 29, 2009

german holiday - pt 3

Still at the Bodensee, but at the town of ... Omg I can't remember already. but i think it's where you can see the ballons. basically we drove around the whole of the Lake until the Swiss border.

the car door got frozen shut!

our lovely hotel in the black forest

after breakfast, we drove back downhill and proceeded to Colmar, a town at the French/German border. the site along the way was spectacular, it was a romantic christmas scene except that it was october.

on we go into France!

Colmar is a very well preserved medieval town and is also known as the Venice of France with it's many canals.

we walked around the town and had lunch. the place had a very christmassy atmosphere and i bought me the yummiest gingerbread man at a christmas treats shop. we also came across a mushroom shop. hee!!

after that we had to head back into Germany as the sun does set very early in autumn.

more snowcapped mountains. our night was spent at another town in the black forest.

in the morning, we explored the town and it specialises in coukoo clocks. haha. how do you spell that? how can we not visit the black forest and not come back with a cuukoo clock. heehee.. we got a small one.

after this we drove back toward Munich and stopped by another town of ??? for the night before our flight homw the next day. there's this darling plush shop...

i want everything in there!

i miss germany. i loved it when i was there. i would go back again if i have sufficient funds and leaves to take. :P:P:P

i will try to put up the rest of my european trip in the next intervening... days i hope. besides Bavaria we also went to Salzburg(day trip) as well as Praque.

korean hauls

my husband was in Seoul a few weeks ago and i gave him a rather long shopping list. to make things easier, i restricted my items from only Etude House and SkinFood and FaceShop. it rather amuses me that the reason for him to leave the hotel room besides going to work was only to eat, or to do shopping for me. the poor thing! even when i am not with him he seems to be shopping too...

i was about to run out of cleansing oil and face wash so that was included in the etude hauls. i also got the peeling kits since i am obsessed with removing dead skin as my pores clog easily and milia will form.


another lot of skin peels from the FaceShop. lovely stuff. the toe separators and samples were gifts, as well as the plastic bag underneath.

after he realised how cheap the sunblock were, the DH bought a couple more. we now have enough sunblock for the rest of the year! the DH knows a deal when he knows one. heeheehee!!

i love the masks from the FaceShop. most of them work more or less, but for the price there isn't very much to complain, except that they were a big big for my face.

sheet masks

various brushes from EtudeHouse and SkinFood


i rather like the skunk brush from etude and so far i'm using one of the e/s brush also from etude. it has a few hairs that poke but otherwise it is firm and i like it for blending. it is again a bit big for me. i like smaller brushed for more precise application since i like to go for super bright colours.

and finally some nail files and polishers

nail files

these were discovered by the DH on one of his previous trips. he was very excited with his find and is constantly showing off his shiny polished nails to me. i can never keep the shine on my nails from the constant washing and crafting and glue stuck on them. :P

lastly, i had a last minute list and they were some e/s. DH managed to get 2 out of the three. no pics for these :P

i must really thanks my very patient DH for offering to buy me things whenever he is away. the last time he got me ribbons from shanghai and i am very grateful for them.

my throat, nose and head is killing me. my is very "heaty" from durians and chempadaks! yummy tropical fruits with strong smells!

failure to load

okies. today i tried loading blogger at work, on both the MAC and the PC. the posting page loaded perfectly, with all the buttons. so it seems it's my computer's fault? :(((

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Online and Pigment hauls

my Fyrinnae package came today. i'm so excited! i cannot wait to try them out tomorrow. i took a picture but now i have a problem. the interface in this here blog has changed and i cannot find the 'add photoes' clicky button thingy. or anything else for that matter.

*goes off to explore*

i'll be back when i figure this thing out.


oh bugger, the tabs still wouldn't load properly. i've decided to add pictures manually via html codes "_"

my Fyrinnae package came wrapped up in the most adorable panda wrapping paper. i bought a few colours from their endangered species line, namely snow leopard and meerkat but they sent me koala free!

fyrinnae haul

i've done a small swatch test and i have to say i love all the colors. however, as their site had stated, it's better to pat than to sweep on the colors to achieve maximum effect.

as opposed to the above, my Meow Cosmetics package came wrapped in the kitchiest leopard wrapper. *loves*

meow colors

i kinda "pressed" all the e/s pigments using toner into a lip palette for ease of use. i kinda like most of the colors, except a dark purple that i dug out and threw away, as well as the gold in the corner. it got flaky after i pressed it. i'm going to replaced the spaces with another liner that is still in the ziplock bag.

pressed meow

i ordered almost all the shades of the foundations in 'naughty' and some in 'frisky' and 'fierce'. i really like the foundation, it's very finely milled(i can see the powder flying when i whisk my brush) and feels light as air.

now all i have to do is wait for my Aromaleigh package to arrive before i make my next purchase again. i've run out of the foundation samples from Meow and i still need to sample another few shades. :P all the ones i bought were too dark!

besides makeup i also bought me some cloth panty liners and the ladycup from Tiny Tapir, which arrived just in time for me to use. TMI coming up!

the cloth pads all washed and ready for use.

cloth pads

they're really comfy and didn't make me itch. might be a bit bulky though so no wearing skintight pants/tights.

the LadyCup is a menstrual cup that you pop inside yourself much like a tampon. however what it does is that it stores the secretions rather than absorbing it. it promises to have an even lower risk of TSS than tampons.



it was a bit wide to manuveur inside but once it's in it's rather comfortable. also, no more pads for me! i try not to be responsible for disposing of plastics into the environment. i might however buy the smaller ladycup instead. :P

so that's all i have bought online for now. blogging is so tuff when you have to type in codes.. arrgghh!!