Monday, August 24, 2009

Lots of wonderful things from Hong Kong

the DH was in Hong Kong for a few days last week to give talk at a conference. i gave him a list of Jill Stuart items and the shop address and sent him on a shopping mission. :))

06 Glazed garnet and 02 Crystal Jade e/s, Powder BLush in 03 Crimson Flush and Lip Luster in 09 Red Fox.

'bout Red Fox, it looks so deep online but my tube looks more like 03 glazed taffy , and i'm wearing it sans make up right now and it seems to make me look sallow. although i have to say that the color is gorgous and the sheen is beautiful. i should have stuck to my original choice of 17 festive wine. probably test drive it for another day tomorrow before trying to swap it away or something.

i like the blush to a certain extent but i was hoping that more of the plum would show through.

the DH also found the cutest Forever Friends shower caps for me.

when the DH was still in HK, he said he found and bought me a cute container for putting things in. i was expecting something acrylic or plasticy to with compartments to store my knick knacks. instead he brought this back.

OMG!!! the case came up to my knee and it's heavy! <3<3<3 my DH is such a wonderful man. hahahaha! i'm still besides myself with glee and excitement.

it was such coincidence that i happened to be sorting out my cupboards and rearranging my jewellery and making space to accomodate my young and growing make up collection when he touched down yesterday and lugged the jewel cupboard home.

it's all filled up with lots more space for more junk. tee hee..

the side door with hooks now filled with some larger earrings.

i was trying to string up my baby mobile on saturday night but i don't like the way it's turning out. it looks really nice from the top and side but i'm thinking that the baby is going to look at it from the bottom up and she's gonna end up looking at a bunch of green wires. boo ya. i'll have to rework it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

as pretty as a blushing bride

before my DH goes off to Hong Kong, i decided to swatch my blush collection and see what shades i've already got. i really liked the Jill Stuart powder blush from my previous hauls and wanted to get another one, namely 03 Crimson flush.

i went from haveing a few basics like light pink (SKinfood sugar cookie), pink (skinfood color pan) and orange (innisfree? Hanskin? sparkling orange) to this lot. after the DH comes back i'm not going to get any more blushers. i'll stick to e/s from now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pre-dinner durian snack- purple swatches

So while waiting for the DH to come home for dinner i decided to swatch the purple palettes i have.

clockwises from top: CastleDew, Jill Stuart Fall 09 in Dazzling Moon, Dior Quint in Lilac 129

i only swatch the Purple colors and ignored the pink/glitters/darks

from top, Castledew(last 2 colors), Dazzling Moon(lilac n blue), Dior 129(right corner n middle)

About dazzling moon, it looks blue in the palette and it looks blue on my hand. But i have been wearing both the colors for the past 2 days and they show up purple on my lids albeit a bluish purple. not really a complaint since i <3 purples and they do look good. On Sunday, we went to the Toy, Animation and Comic convention.

My favouritest display by the Singapore Zoo.

the DH being unco-operative as usual

octopi always amuses me

the most spectacular booth would be the one from Blythe. lots of pretty dolls to look at.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Averie's Day

my cousin gave birth today via caesarian birth. the girl girl didn't descend to the correct position and the umbilical cord was entangled over her shoulder so the doctor decided to cut her out. haha. sounds horrible. it is horrible. don't think that caesarian birth is the easy way out. altough you might feel no pain during the birth, remember that you'll now have this huge wound across your belly that will take at least a month to seal and maybe 6 months to heal properly.

we were also at the science center today. tomorrow we will once more ignore the house work and go to the Toy n Comic expo at Suntec City

big deep sea squid.. compare it to the shark to the right.

giant static ball thing.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jill Stuart hual - Fall 2009

my friend was kind enough to send over my JS hual tonight. it was CP'ed by Kyotobaby. <3<3<3

it's my first JS hual and hopefully not my last. tomorrow i'm gonna try em out.

i did a simple swatch of the e/s and they are more purples then dark blue. the gray is gray with sparkles and the silver is just silver sparklies. i guess peeps who are familier with JS e/s knows what i'm talking about.
on a side note, i got a Dior flyer yesterday and there's a peak of the Xmas 2009 look. more purples it seems.

since i am on a purple smoky phase this is just my cup 'o tea but i will restrain myself until christmas...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emma Goodness

i came across a mention of Emma Watson (Harry Potter fame) in the latest (July/Augest 2009) TeenVogue. anyhoos i went and look and i must say i was quite blown away by it. I really liked the whole set and tone of the shoot. edgy vintagy goth. i love the cloths and the make up and i think she's reeeeally pretty.

i'd like to dupe her look with the dark purple shadows (i think) and the mauvey lips. i might tottle down to kinokuniya and see if they stock this issue of TeenVogue. i think it's a keeper.

i'm thinking that the new Dior Night Butterfly might work well for this look.

I think this is an excuse for me to get the quint. tee hee. Haru from Rouge Delux has some nice swatches although she didn't like the texture much. Imma go a swatching when i get the chance...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

why don't they ship outside the US?!?

I'd love to get my hands on the UDPP even though i'm already using TFSI, which i love btw. any then one of those shadow palettes. haha.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

baby cradle display thing.. MOBILE. yeah that's it

my cousin is due next week and i'd tot i'd make her a super girlie mobile as a gift. yeah, she's expecting a girl. haha.

i've finished the hanger. basically i bought a cheap but cute heart shaped socks hanger and wrapped it with ribbon.

i stuff the bottom with some wrapping paper and magazine pages (i recycle as much as i can)

the cat always wants in on the action. everytime i craft i have to make a space on the table (make that the majority of the space) while i work on a little corner.

the wrapping process using fabric glue. love this stuff!

the final hanger. well not quite. this is so plain and boring. i'm going to put on some roses and flowers and stuff. things i make are usually all flowery and super sweet ya know.. i can't help it.

i've finished crocheting the bit of 3 of the doggies. i will do the 4th one tonight if i can. am going to pick the DH up at the airport later, after my nap. :P:P:P

the crochet doggies patterns are from this booki bought from kinokuniya. you gotta lurve the japanese craft books. you don't really have to read japanese to understand them.

going out is fun but dangerous..

Exhibit A:

i needed a face wash and i ended up getting it from Etude House despite the jacked up price and some nail polishes cos they're quite pigmented and spread well.

some insoles and falsies. haha.. i've only tried falsies by myself once and they didn't fit properly. but my fwiend was raving about these so i got them too. $2 each as well from Daiso.

my failure

and because i got no lash glue. i had to get some, but this one i got is a double eyelid glue thing which can double up as lash glue.

now that i got that double eyelid glue i'm not sure why i got the eyelid tape already. sheesh, i took so long to get them and when i finally did, they become redundant. maybe i'll give them to my mum.

i did a "Barbie Doll" look today. now how do i embed videos... anyways, i saw this on youtube and decided to mimic it. i really did look like a Barbie doll. so eighties with the bright blue e/s and pink pink lips. however, i suspect that the Angelika Nars blush i used oxidised on me cos it was orangy looking when i got home today. gosh darn.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

more hauls, EDM and Nars

My colleague was in Bangkok during the weekend and i asked her to help me get Nars Orgasm if she happen to come across it. she SMSed me on friday night and said that one would be $50 but i can get 2 for $73. haha.. i reasoned with myself for a bit and went on and online search.

i had decided on Orgasm and Angelika.

i don't think i will be using them anytime soon. i'm currently in love with Aromaleigh's Nectar for a light girly pink flush.

i also collected my Everyday Minerals Free samples yesterday. i also got a mini kabuki as well as a mini kabuki eye brush.

the mini kabuki is darn cute but i think might be a beeeet too small for all over face application. lots of ground to cover ya know.

i also got the sponge bottle. you're suppose to put your loose powder/foundation at the bottom vial and it will sieve through the sponge so you can puff the powder on your face. i hope it works.

on i side note, i also made some sifters for my larger containers. these contain blushes from Meow and and self Mixture of a few other samples.

Aromaleigh hauls n pressing pigments

On saturday my Aromaleigh packaged arrived!

i was very excited to have gotten it because there were some samples i really wanted to try. namely the blush in nectar, e/s in orchid, asphalt and sage.

what is it with cats? you put a piece of scrap paper down on the floor and they just want a piece of the action. or rather, ON the action. here is my Mao Mao looking all innocent and adorable.

i did a rough swatch and they all ended up hard to show up on my arms. except maybe sage, which made me really happy. i recalled that pressing them would make the colors more intense possibly because they are more concentrated, so i went ahead and pressed a little bit. and then i swatched them in the following order.

i actually liked most of them except the purples, Lilac and Orchid. they were really hard to show up on me. i tried to use them together on monday but all i got was a whitish wash. maybe it'll be more apparent to people who looks at me. but meh, disapointed.

i love sage though, today i wore it with one of Meow's "Seafoam" which is a darker green but of the same shade. this combination kinda reminds of my Dior's "Watery Glow, 669" but greener, "Watery Glow" is more bluish.

tomorrow i'm thinking of wearing Asphalt, but i'm not sure what to pair it up with. maybe a simple gold.

I also pressed a sample of my Fyrinnae's samples. haha. i wanted to try different fixing mediums. I noticed that when i wore my Meow's the e/s make my lids heavy and that makes me sleepy. I wondered if it was the toner that i was using as a binder. anyways, here are the results.


Atomic Afterglow

Tempting Hansel-more of a purply blue to me.

Arcane Magic's Dragonmagic- I freaking luuuurve this color.

Lucky Charmed- I like this a lot too! i wore it with Dragon's Wings on Saturday and charmed the DH socks off. :P *lookintomyeyes,lookintomyeyes,lookintomyeyes and you're under...*

Dragon's wings - lovely green green with sparkles. after LuckyCharmed it's Snow Leopard and Koala. both were concentrated with the orange stuff.

i also made sifters for my jars, basically i had chocolate/cupcake cups and i realised that they fit! so i trimmed off the excess and poke holes and slot them in. VOila! sifter jars!

I collected my EDM package today but since i came back from my mum's rather late i think i will upload those photoes later...