Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nails on vacation: Blue graduation glitter gel nails

what a mouthful! i did gel overlay on my nails prior to leaving for France and wow they looked super shiny in the european sun.

nails in Monet's Garden, Giverny. Look how shiny they are even in an overcast day.

playing with my macro lens.

nails in Etretat.

seahorse, clown fish and kelp were painted on using acrylics and sealed with a layer of top coat.

nails at the boardwalk in Le Havre.

my hands are very knuckly and wrinkly. *sigh* but at least i have chio nails! LOL!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation hauls

the DH and i went to france and italy for our summer vacation. it was so cold and then it was so hot! we actually didn't buy a lot of things this time since we had to lug and change hotels often but we did get some goodies.

cookies and chocolates.

souvenirs and some haulage for friends.

L'occitane's shampoo for his colleague and a prada wallet for another friend.
we also bought a new pair of wedding bands from Tiffany.

i got myself some scents.

he bought a few belts from the outlets in florence.

and i got myself some local goodies. LOL!!! some were on sale from the Florence outlets(aka TheMALL and SPACE).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Transdesign haul

i collected my haul from the spree'r yesterday and i am very excited about this lot. they arrived in the good old sg when i was still in Paris.

i chose these colors when i was in the mood for nudes and classic reds and pink, but since my vacay, i have been in the mood for corals and bright peaches and greens! luckily there are some oranges in there.

i feel another hual coming on.

TheSkinFood jojoba pure nail in hot pink

So while i'm trying to upload some vacation pictures onto Facebook i though i'd put up some NOTD.

i've been wearing this color since i came back. i'm in the mood for bright summery colors and this is the only color that goes well with my skin tone.

of course the glod glitter at the cuticle line helps to melt the color into my skin. i like the seamless look.

what's worse than dry cuticles? finger hair!!!

it is embaressing but it is also a part of me.

i bought this polish a few years ago when TSF first launched in sg. the polish will dry and set but in a jellyish way. it's still 'dingable' after a few days but maybe that's what gives it this translucant look. i'm wearing 2 coats here.