Sunday, September 23, 2007

*umpf umpf*

mr nice dentist is now mr extremely nice dentist. he smsed me at 930 am yesterday morning! good lordy. he asked about the numbness, the swelling, the blah blah blah. he sent enough messages for me to feel kinda... uneasy.

today, i'm waiting for him to sms me again. why? so i can worry about the bleeding gum. cos i think i may have nudged the sutures when i brush my teeth last night *looks guilty* i think i'm not suppose to brush this early but eee... my mouth was gross.

at any rate, i want to go see a GP but it looks like its going to rain leh.. 940am now..ok. it's raining already.

i'm half a mind about sending dr extremely nice an sos. i'm such a worry wart.

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