Thursday, January 21, 2010

TheFaceShop GR503 with black polka dot french and acrylic ribbons

tot i'd try one of the pastels i got. my skintone doesn't really look good in pastels but sometimes it's fun to wear something bright.

all photoes were taken indoors with and without flash.

i have to admit that TFS colors although highly pigmented are quite thick and a PITA to apply. i did try to thin it out though. my cuticles avoidance skillz still sucks. lol.

i didn't wait for the black to dry before using my top coat so there were some streaking.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TheFaceShop WH003 with rainbow colours

i'm loving pretty pastels right now even though i try to stay with the seasonal trend of wintery colors. i'm trying to kill 2 birds with one stone by wearing both!

the base is WH003, a shimmery holographic white that goes on sheer and can be used as an overlay.

this is 2 coats of WH003 with random dots of Etude house GR602(bright green), EtudeH PK010(pink), TFS YL703(yellow) and TFS BL602(blue). finally i did an overlay with the WH003 again.

i wore this plain for a day but i have those little pots of coloured acrylic waiting for me to practice on.

Etude House #16 Spangle Silver

i'm really loving glittery nails at the 'mo. these were once again done in the gradation style with clear nail polish as the base. i wanted to let me nails take a break from dark colors because they're getting a little colored.

it's been really downcast lately. it's hard to catch the morning sun and my nails have chipped at the cuticles. i love to pluck at the lifting edges of polish and peel them off even though you're not supposed to.

the glitters are actually holographic and very pretty in the light.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year nails, TheFaceShop YL701 with lace and acrylic flowers

Happy 2010 everyone! i hope 1/1/2010 was well spent. the DH and i was in Orchard for like 10 hours *lol* because we got 7.30pm Avatar tickets at 1pm.

on NY eve i spent a lovely afternoon at home redoing my nails.

these were what i used.

2 layers of the gold in YL701. dense champange glitter in a clear base. i also put on a thin layer of Etude House #16 in spangled silver (pictured below)

the DH got me some lace stickers. at least i thought they were stickers. i spent a small amount of time trying to peel them off but inspiration struck and i dab some saliva on the paper back. turned out they come off with water. really pretty.

here's my lefty. arty farty sun and shadows.

my righty.

my feet are decorated with 2 shades of silver glitter in a clear base.

my current nail stash. i don't think i will go into TheFaceShop for a long while.

sadly the Etude House in sg doesn't stock many of the intersting colors and frankly speaking the Dear Darling Nails range are too pricy at <10SGD.

OR 204 with sun, christmas 2009

i was finally able to see sun. captured a couple of shots before i change the mani.

hopefully this will capture the true color of the orange.

and a last look of our christmas tree before we take it down.