Tuesday, May 27, 2008

valentine kitty singing telegram

the DH sent me this once. he wasn't a very verbal person when it comes to saying certain things
click here for the full image

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


my silly DH. make me worry for him so. his lappy refuse to boot up and he can't get to his work. good grief. cannot scold and cannot sayang *sends flying kisses*

tired. will sleep. zzzzzz....

i'm bored and i want to go home

it's finally pouring. yay! no more aching knees and stuffy air. and an apartment that's like a sauna.

i feel so restless. i want tomorrow night to come quickly because the DH is coming home! yay! deep deep down i cannot survive 2 weeks of him away. one week is tolerable and the days fly away quickly but anything more than 7 will make me restless and tetchy. aaarrgghh! it's not 3 yet.

me is all excited about needle felting. i'm itching to buy all the equipment and start making something. :P of course i cannot. not yet. must resist. grrr..

i envy people with great designs and creative ideas. i admit that i am a copy cat. meow. purr. purr. i'll just trawl the internet for ideas and steal them! meh! ok la. i don't copy exactly mah. hor?!

anyways if you have any thing that you want made you can let me know. maybe i can custom make for you.

which reminds me. i have many pendants waiting to be finished. not tonight. me going shopping.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's been 2 years

it's nice to know that we've been married for 2 years. and we've lived in this apartment for 2 years.

and we did not celebrate it. that's like the joke for today, because i didn't realise that the anniversary was last week. and apparently the DH forgot all about it too. but according to him he did realise it earlier than me, it's just that he didn't want to mention it.

there was laughter all around. i will do a victory dance to commemorate the day. many good years to us.

Friday, May 9, 2008

feep feep

my usual office surfing brought me to this site.

pretty cool stuff eh? sometimes i wish i'd have an original idea. since a lot of times my ideas that someone else have thought of first and i'm just inspired or i want it. hence i make. *sighs*

i also chance acrossed this..

something that i'd tot to try my hands on but decided to resist. i saw pre-packed needle felting ..ingredients when i was in Tokyu Hands and i was tempted to get them but in the end i didn't. they were't quite inexpensive. but think of the fun! :P

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

star nosed mole

today i am obsessed with the star nosed mole. the cutest thing eh-vah!

or course, some have questioned my defination of cute but you just have to lookit' it's tiny plump body and that pink feathery nose and you'd go awwww...

extreme close up of it's highly sensitive nose.

i also came across this bat picture that sorta reminded me of the bat i used to keep for a while. the bro picked it up when it was a wee fuzzy pink baby and i milk fed it till it was palm size. and it always called out to me and i'll put her to hang on my shirtfront. awww....

here we have the DH posing with the MAO in their fancy country colors.

yepp yepp. i was similar garbed too! we got the bandana at the Taiwan Shilin night market Jungle Mall.

the DH and i fell in love with a teeny tiny scottish fold kitteh at the Jungle Mall. she was so sweet, she wanted to be cuddled. awwww...

this is not that kitteh. this is a random internet image.

i also manage to grab some charms near the place where we had lunch one day during the Taiwan trip.

and in my current frenzy of sculpturing i made an earring for a colleague.

pot of gold at end of rainbow

right now i've got a bunch of tiny sculptures drying after varnishing.

i especially liked.... everything! the theme looked as if it should be called "in the woods" or "woodland wonderland"