Monday, March 24, 2008

western blot is killing me

so many blots, so little pretty bands. i really need some positive vibes, lovely things, shopping.. *:P*

i'm not so tired though despite the late nights at work. bird nests' work.

western blot is bleh.

the girls at work signed up for salsa class and we were all so excited to start class tomorrow but meh.. the school had some issues and i guess that brought out the nasty in a few of us, plus the future teacher, but it's really not our fault to cancel leh.

tomorrow my gels better get delivered, the printer guy better come and i better see some nice bands on my film.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

my knee is aching

it's sunday and we've cleared all the laundry! the sun was out yesterday (hurrah!) and we managed to wash 5 loads of various items. and we ironed/steamed them out today. amazing, we don't have any laundry left over. for once.

and it's been raining for 2 to 3 weeks since. i finished me halter but i have yet had the chance to wear it. bah.

ah well. i got poked during the week and got to work stringing a few things up. they're all up now.
click on the piccys to get to the page.

of course i'd like to once again rave about these lolis charms. remember them?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cycling trivialities

today has not been a good day. right now i still have a lump of discontent in the pit of my belly. *rumbles* *grumbles*

in the morning... haiyoh. let's just say that sometimes things just want to be fought over lah har.

the afternoon went by quite peacefully.

just before the work day ended, my boss dropped my brand new HD and apparently it's spoilt. i haven't even paid the colleague that help me buy it. *heart aches* *heart still aching*

after which we left... halfway, someone forgot her HP. so we decided to wait for her. and it started to rain. NVM. it poured!!!! so we all got wet through.

not to mention that i seem to have pulled the muscle on the right of my neck. wah lao.

i got sun flowers on sunday. they weren't that bad for 5$.

it's been raining since sunday. my sunflowers just drooped lower and lower. to think that it was sunny before i got the flowers.

something to make you happy. *tries to smile*

it is rather pretty, but i had this take it lying down. ha ha haarrr...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

feathers on my breath

today we're having a nice cool weather with a balmy breeze. the laundry is drying nicely. the music's good and i have my DH next to me *cheesy grin* Isn't it nice...

i've missed out blabbing on one very important thing. I've got braces! they've been up since the mid of january and i expect them to come out by next year. right now i'm staying off the spicy food cause the insides of my cheeks have tiny littly cuts and bruises that sting whenever i have chili. pepper's ok though. phfew.

today i'm going to brag about:

1. the hydrangeas i got for CNY. i threw them away on thurday. they lasted about 1 month. it's pretty cool and i didn't have to get a whole plant.

2. that thing on the back of the flower was a bag that plagued me since last year. i finally got hold of that pattern on valentine's day and had the main body finished in less then 2 weeks i reckon. as usual i procrastinated on sewing up the lining until my mum helped my finished it last sunday. heheh.

actually i should have used a smaller thread for the connecting flowers. right now you can't see the individual blossoms that make up the bag.

3. that FBB that i have been using since this year. wanted to have a keepsake of the lining which is full of poodles.

the pink teddy lost both it's arms. lol. now it look like an akuma.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

i will survive

the day has passed (well there's another 4 hours till bedtime) and i've survived a full bikini wax. and that's it. i didn't survive the shop that i got the wax from. i ended up with a $$$ cream that's suppose to slow down and reduce hair growth.

i also didn't survive spotlight. i got away with 2 peach (senso has pretty bright colors) and one gold (panda) cotton yarn, a box of buttons, a meter of sofa fabric, and scrap of purple cloth. $$$

i wanted to get the corn and bamboo yarns too but i'm not sure what to do with them yet.

started on making my halter with the new peach yarn. hopefully there'll be no more changes. ergh!!

i think i'm going to hide my credit cards again.

stock taking

wanted to take a photo of all my unfinished projects, but think will take some time taking them out. i shall list them instead.

bright pink cable bag
fushia pink rose bag
green fuzzy bag
turquiose blue bobble bag
blue flower big bag

cream bolero from a japanese pattern book

numerous earrings to finish up and post

and right now i'm starting a new halter top. made lots of prototypes, with a blue cotton and a bright fushia pink thing but they don't work. so right now i'm contemplating going out to look for a nice color. can't decide to go spotlight or golden dragon. also cannot decide on a color. pink? yellow? green? not blues. don't feel like browns.. tough leh

i also want to make me a tissue holder. *feels guilty for wanting to do so many things*

the lavender plant needs to be replanted.

also made appointment to go for a full brazilian wax *ish scared* however, i will pass by HMV so i can get the other jose gonzaleas album. *imagines psychedelic colors*

o.0 that would be a nice halter color. or yellow and white shades.. hmmm.... will go spotlight first then.

*crosses fingers*