Monday, September 28, 2009

my first swap and Lavshuca hauls

i had a spare brand new IMJU Deja vu fibrewig and decided to put it up for swap in MUA. some one contacted me about it and i decided to swap her for a MAC lipglass. Hello Kitty's "She Loves Candy"

LOL! my first MAC item and a Hello Kitty collection no less!

it's a light pink with gold glitter. I LIKE <3

i was reading some Taiwan and Japanese(can't read jappy but i like to look at pictures haha) and i saw the ad for the Lavshuca Dramatice Memory Rouge. oh my, my inner princess fell in love with the packaging and i decided that i must have it. in the end i tracked them down on Ebil Bay selling at a reasonable price. i bought 2.

i selected the colors based on the official swatches and looks plus swatches on LotusPalace

both colors came out nude on my lips. they're both pigmented enough to cover my mauvish colored lips. i lurved them to bits. so much so that i ordered another 2 more Mini Jewelry lips (Adambeauty) to try. i can't wait for them to arrive.

on sunday i bought a pitcher plant at the Pasar Malam.

i am extremely please with it. hopefully it will help reduce the fruitflies that are always in my apartment.

and here's the MAO MAO hamming it up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fuchia and Purple tsumami kanzashi

since it's a holiday today, i decided to finish up a WIP. my cousin's getting married this thursday and i wanted a new hairpiece to wear.

ok now i will have to get started on my presentation for tomorrow. haha.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lime Crime

i can't wait for this to be released. fabulously awesomest unicorn lipstick.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Etude House nails

i'm back into painting my nails again since i'm not doing anymore crafty things that involves glue or thinner. not much anyways. i recently got myself some polish from EtudeHouse and i loved them. they're rather easy to apply and the colors are pretty. of course my Seche Vite top coat made drying a breeze.

i really missed using black polish, that last time was probably 11 years ago! i'm wearing the purple polish on my nails now. i loved those polishes so much that yesterday i popped into EtudeHouse again to hual me some more pretties. i had to exert much self control from buying up every available shade!

i can't wait to try everything. i'm definately going to have a long list for the DH when he goes to Korea next time.

i finally finished my baby mobile. my cousin was rather delighted with the doggies but we've since concluded that it will probably amuse the mother more than the babe.

the baby will be looking at a bunch of bums. ;)