Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nfu Oh 503

this is a beautiful bright grass green that applied smoothly. i'm wearing 2 coats here. if you're picky about total coverage you can easily go for 3. dry time should be decent but i'm a seche vite user so i cannot tell for sure.

crudely popped on some KONAD just so i have nail art to show. i was wearing this mani in a reverve french style with glitter, my usual lazy art fall back. my top coat from TheFaceShop streaked the white special KONAD polish.

wore the color for about 4 days before taking these pictures so you can defintely see some tip wear and chipping.

we've been busy reading up and planning for our june vacation and this has defitely taken up my nail time as well as blogging time. the DH and I will be away for 3 weeks till july so i'm trying to accumlate some nice NOTDs to be scheduled for posting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nfu Oh 562

i've been lazy to come up with any interesting designs so i stuck some stickers on. i love the color on me.

the brush on this is pretty decent and application was easy enough. this is 2 coats. still some bald spots but can be camouflaged with the shine from the top coat.

i'm currently wearing another green shade from Nfu so i'll put that up next when i have enough sun to get a some nice shots.

one last photo.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sally Hansen ice frost false nail tips

i'm sure i have this Sally Hansen for at least 5 years. i never really liked Sally's polish in the past because they were thick and took long to dry, and were hard to get an even color. Quick dry top coats are making manicuring easier now, so i might start exploring them again.

this is 3 coats of base color. the roses were painted with acrylic paints in a dusty pink and white cream. the lace was laid immediately after i layer the tips with a clear coat of polish.

the 3D hearts and flowers were made with acrylic powder in white, green and pink. silver bullion seeds were used to line the heart.

i'm not sure if i'll ever wear this so i'm thinking of putting it up on sale. let me know if you're interested.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

nfu 506 with blings

this is what Brooke over at Getcha Nails Did would describe as "ugly but awesome".

when i saw the swatch online at fabulous Street i thought i looked more green, but when the DH brought it home, my first impression was baby's poo. once i had a full mani on i think it's pretty chic. LOL. i'm lovin' this right now but i'll probably take it off soon.

i made earrings. i plan to make some more.

they look like a firework of pearls.

Friday, May 7, 2010

rainbow wedding nails

a colleague's getting married tomorrow asked me to do her nails. i decided to make her some nail tips instead, so that they can be a keepsake.

these are held onto the sponge using some bluetack.

i fitted the nails to the colleague's fingers and clipped them to a nice length. she has a long nail bed to start with so i didn't make the tip very long. i filed them down and shaped them before applying the base color. this is 3 coats of Rainbow #31, a blue base sheerish pink.

the clouds and rainbow were drawn with acrylic paint, the puffy clouds were makde with nail acrylic powder.

swarovski ab crystals to make the smile line.

one last look.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Etude House LUCIDarling collection

i ask my DH to help me haul some Etude HOuse's LUCIDarling collection. the promo pictures i saw on Gmarket were rather enticing and i had to get somethings to try.

the packaging were pretty and unique to their own. at least they do not remind me of anything other beauty brands. i like the ribbon details at the catch.

my first impression is the scent. when you open the lids of the blushes and lipstick, there's an overwhelming sweet raspberry smell. it's actually rather yummy but might be too cloying for some. luckily the scent does not persist after application. there's no obvious discernable scent from the eyeshadow palette.

Lipstick in 01.

the texture is ok, smooth but will ball up if your lips are not smooth. exfoliate lips prior to use. lasts pretty well, at least over breakfast and drinks. i always wipe my lips clean after food so i can't tell you how long it can last. probably 3 to 4 hours with the occasional drink.

e/s palette in #04 fully olive black. the promo pics make the colors look more blue but in actuality the liner is more of a bluish black, with a silvery blue and a vrey pretty taupy olive.

i used this with either with TFSI or Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy over Inovi eyebase. both works well with the e/s.

finger swatches, left to right, index is the highlight, middle is blue shade, ring is liner and pinkie is olive taupe.

back of had swatch, also without base, left to right, liner, blue shade, highlight and olive. bottom is lipstick in 01.

blushes in 01(pinks and purple) and 03(brown and peach corals)

too light to swatch, but does impart a pretty flush to cheeks. does not last long though. i've been using it over Skinfood's Agave BB cream.

a couple more pictures in different lightings.

hope this little review will aid you in your shopping.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

my loot from korea

the DH was in Korea for work and came back last wed. he brought back some goodies!
actually, only half the number of bags belonged to me, the Coach bag contains my pressie. a pretty lilac wallet.

he also helped some of my friends to bring goodies back. he is really wonderful for offering to help shop for us.

these were for Kat.

these were for a couple of colleagues. see the freebies that were thrown in!

these are mine. eh heh heh heh!

the polishes are part of my haul, for making frankens and art. the Salmon Eye Patch is for the DH as part of his battle with dark eye circles. he even picked up some nail files.

korean strawberries for the both of us. YUMMY!

KOTD with TFS PP 408

the colleague bought this lovely lilac color upon my recommendation and i couldn't resist slapping on a quick mani at the office on friday. i realized that it's not a shade that i have at home and now i'm very tempted to get myself a bottle too.

this is a warm toned lilac that leans towards pink/red, but still very purple.
since making a switch to 3Free formulas, korean nail polishes smell extremely strong to me but i reall like the readily available enormous color choices.

the konad was done using CHinaglaze's Spontaneous. both colors go very well together making it a very sweet look. i overlayed it with 2 more layers of glass glitter(TFS) and lined the pattern with rainbow glitter.