Friday, October 9, 2009

Kanebo and Chanel haul-Takashimaya 16th anniversary

i decided to drop by Taka today to take advantage of the 15% storewide sale today. i think it might be limited to the cardmembers only. not sure.

woah.. so many people. i went to Chanel first because i just wanted the Glossimer 122-Nebula. i don't know why but i seem to be transparent to Chanel staff. it has happened to me at Paragon Metro and at Taka. the Dior staff on the otherhand are wonderful. once i had this really really cute guy that went like:"welcome to christain dior!" ahh... service...

heneways, i hurried down to Kanebo because i want to try their e/s. have always be held back by the $77 price tag. now i am really tempted to pre-pay for the fall collection, 03-Medium of Night. i got Lavender Coral because the colors are so pretty together. i also want to try the Impress skincare line so i got the Skin Brightener cos i'm obsessed with exfoliating and i was recommended the serum for my oily but dehydrated skin. i prolly haven't paid much attention to my skincare lately except the regular SKII Miracle Water, aloe gel and alcohol free toner but my skin's changing so i'm on a testing phase again. sighs.

the brightener was out of stock so i'll have to collect later. everything else are freebies. that's for spending so much at one go. eep!

here's the Mao Mao conquering another plastic bag. the minute i unwrapped the big silver bag she was immediately on top of the wrapper. *shakes head*

i painted my nails last night and i love it. i do wished that it's a little bit darker. more navy-ish.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weekly glee.

i was a leetle beet hyper on sunday night. i'm still hyper now actually. my mood will swing from really emo to really high. life is a rollercoaster. yeah.

anyway i came across this video. OMG cuteness. squeeee!!! glee!!!

i'm also hooked on watching TheMeanKitty.

there's a whole series plus vlog. and the owner is cute.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lavshuca Jewel Lips

the mailman came today and brought me these:

so very exciting. i have to say that the packaging is really cute but the product is really little. i paid about 19SGD each for these. i'm just really surpriced at the amount in there.

here are the swatches with and without flash.

i do not think i will get anymore of them, unless maybe as gifts.

Suzieduck Dreams is closed

hopefully only for a while. i need to sort everything out since it's all uploaded hapharzardly. i also need to more or less standardise my prices. since a lot of my work are pretty labour intensive even though i do not use much materials. small=difficult. complicated=more time. anyways i'm in the process of investing into opening shop on Etsy. wish me luck!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fyrrinae hauls

my loot from Fyrrinae arrived in my mailbox on wednesday. on that faithful day, i was locked out of da house because i forgot to take my keys in the morning when we left for work. i had to call the DH and got him to knock off work and let me in. ah ha ha.

later in the evening i pressed all the shadows. i'm loving all the colors i got this time.

without flash

from left to right: top row are Anemone, Blue whale and Artic fox
2nd row contains Black Plum, Lemming, Tempting hansel and Meerkat
3rd row are Faerie glamour, Memphisto, Polar Bear, Dragon's wings, Lucky charm   and Dragonskin
Last row has Blue-footed booby, Sea Turtle, Sea otter, Dragonmagic and Jaguar
I also got a lovely matt gray with sparkles called Baby beluga which i wore alone today. it's a sweet and flattering color. i bought quite a number of colors from their Endangered Species collection mainly because they donate a portion of the purchace price to the WWF.

with flash

here are the pretty empty pots after the pressing. i will show my homemade palettes after i have filled them up. i'm slowly but surely collecting pigments from Fyrrinnae.

i'm still waiting for my cold sores to heal so i can wear my new lippies. grr..