Tuesday, January 22, 2008

procrastination always wins

it's QL's birthday. HAPpPpY BirThdAY!!! hoped you liked all your pressies. i'm sure this is a good day since the BOSS is not here today and we can all relax and have a quiet time.

tomorow is my presentation and i'm being super duper lazy. i've got most of the stuff down but i need to read up some stuff. however! *thunder rolls* , i found this site instead. hehehe Ultra Kawaii!!!

it's lovely. some of the episodes are in shockwave flash that means i can watch it at work. (we're banned from all streaming media and loads of fabulous sites.

using the mac to blog is not happening. a lot of my functions are unavailable. tsk.

i'm goign back to watch vids. toodleloos...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

a little panic

i've been away from the net a long time ya. we are still not sure if it's the network or the router. nyeh! and also we've been obsessed with Coffee Prince. it's darn funny and sad and sweet too. go watch. you'd be addicted too.

i have also been in a mad rush since last christmas ever since i got my Happy Hooker book. and i made 3 fat bottomed bags so far. :P

this was the 2nd bag made but i lined it first. and horribly lined too. so i cut it off and now it's sitting there unfinished again.

the lining was too small for the bag. :(

i completed making the body of the grey one on the 1/1/2008 :P but i never got to lining it until i made my mum do it for me 2 weeks ago. heehee. i've been happily using it for the past week. i love it!

the gold one is the 3rd i've made and i completed it whole last weekend. lining, handles and all. but i think i shall put a button on it today because it can't seem to close completely. hopwfully i can make another one for my mil by CNY.

the cat is loving the gold raffia. she likes the shinies.

resident cat taking her nappies in the bush. awwww...

we were in chinatown last night and it so happens to be the official light up ceremony. MM Goh was there. so were all these lions. there were amusing all lined up on the street.

ah.. time to go lunch soon. i'm going to be busy again trying to make a bunch of things by CNY and Valentine's day. and i still need to get me some new togs for CNY. and VD present. and some VD cupckaes. and finished redecorating the house. and lining pink FBB for tues. and managing my yahoo auction. OMG. you prolly will not see me for a while again.

Monday, January 14, 2008

random monday photos

i uploaded the pictures i took with my new phone. it's much easier now since i can take out the memory card and use a thumbdrive. better than my old one anyways.

this here is very large bowl of pomegranate seeds from 1 very large pomegranate. it took me 2 days to finish them all by myself. not one else bothers to eat this stuff. the ruby red seeds are very pretty. yummy too. i wonder if pomegranate is heaty...

this is the resident cat of our block. she's such a pretty thing. many people feed her so i don't. but she liks the occasional mr. bean ice cream. i do too. :)

these 2 are always together. sure a lovely pair. nope... they're both girls. one is older than the other. not mother and child.

girl girl is desperate for a good scratch after wearing the elizabeth collar for 2 weeks. she's all better now but previously she had a huge gash on her derriere and saw lice.. whatever those things are.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

travelogue -korea part 2

sunday 23/12/2006

cute roasting van full of chickens at itaewon

christmas eve at vivaldi resort

me giving up at 10 am. omg i can't get up by myself.

the DH looking cool and suave

christmas day at the traditional village and millenium capsule park

yes it's another cat. huge cat. shy cat.

squeezing fun at myeong dong shopping streets

roasting hotdogs! these were great btw

thurday 27th, namdaemun.. it's all shopping people. that's where i got the pretty earrings.

despite the fact that we don't understand each other's language, i still managed to convey that i want to buy different designs. and the stall tender was so sweet. ahh... my happiest buy...

28/12/2006: pyong yong ski resort

anyone who's a fan of bae yong jun? i didn't even watch the show... heheheh

29/12/2006: the market area and dongdaemun.

the kim chee dishes are always there wherever you eat.. 'cept at western restaurants of course.

steam boat for 2! taste the cholesterol

and then we came home...

travelogue - korea p1

oh my! it's been 2 weeks since we came back. *thinks* actually 2 weeks isn't that long ago but it feels like i've been back at work for longer. i mean, Terminal 3 has already officially started operation so now i can't boast that we left for korea on the 19th dec 2006!

changi airport T3
yepp! CAAS was testing the operations of T3 so we got to be guinea pigs and left from an empty airport. it's all green and bamboo-y and shiny. and when you're there, check out the toilets with the great views (didn't have my camera with me then so no toilet shots this time.) we also got served free buffet breakfasts! (mmmmm... smoked salmon canapes...)

our purchase on the 2nd night of our stay.
the strawberries were large and sweet. hmmmm..... even the pale white ones!

21st dec 2006: somewhere near dongdaemun river..

we ran into the skating rink. such luck! it was crowded but really pretty.

at the river

22nd dec 2006: saturday was a whole day of walking.

the palace we didn't get into

the very pretty artist street

cat! she kept talking but wouldn't come anywhere close..

see the 2 of us in the reflection?

the 20$ waffles and coffee

national folk museum

that other palace that was full of tourists

insadong handicrafts village that was just a short walk from the palace.

the 20 dollars oysters ommellete.. and that's excluding the noodles we had

myeong dong church

dancing shoju at outside Doota! shopping mall (dongdaemum)