Sunday, November 25, 2007

of cell phones and red hair

first up, my phone got stolen. i'm sure i did NOT drop it. the ^%#^*^$%$ picked it out of my big straw bag! and to think that in the morning i was reminded that my pwetty phone would be 2 years old next year. i've never had a cell phone for that long... i am not happy.

today i dyed my hair. it's suppose to be plum. goodness gracious. WHY i have to do it myself?! it's so troublesome.

QL made my a spider. i stuck it on the star..

it's been a very productive week while the boss is away. i can do things while waiting for things to happen. :P

i made...

a cloud

... a cat

... 2 more squirrels

... a gingerbread man

... finally a bird

more goodies have been put up at the shop.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i need therapy

in an attempt to cut my spending (more like stop spending), i left the platinum card at home. and i thought to myself, " i don't use the other card, i'd better keep it in case of emergency..."

so today i went to get my nails done and use up the soon to expire package i had at fave nails. and i have already decided not to continue anymore, or find a cheaper alternative. but while i was there, the girls were asking, and then i was thought i liked the people, and it's convenient, and how i liked getting my cuticles cut... bleh bleh... and thus i spent another 245$ *hangs head in shame*

i also helped get a 'mr. stoner' shirt from new urban male. freakin'! it's 49.90$ they had a lot of cute strawberry shortcake, my little ponies and hello kitties tees for 59.90$ *faints*

i hear cat fights and howls from outside. i hope that the resident stray is alright. she's such a sweetie, and getting quite plump in the middle. awwww.... *worries*

anyways, i'm going to leave the other card at home now. *feels slightly distraught*

spoils of the day

i like it. i wished the middle was brighter though. have to look from afar leh.

as much as i like a manicure, it makes it hard to work on my crafts. i constantly keep checking my nails *is obsessed with smooth shiny objects* and being obsessed about messing them up.

very pretty nail color. squirrel in progress.

i have wrinkly knuckles :(

finished product: squirrel

blue polka dot stockings

Monday, November 19, 2007

i'm hiding my credit cards

i really should not be allowed to shop. or maybe shop without my card. and i was so determined not to spend on crafts and hobbies and cloths. guess what i got at bugis today.

i'm seriously going to remove my card from my wallet and survive on 70$ a week.

the 2 tops were on sale at 10$ each. the dress was from billabong at 79.90$. wah lao. i have no self control. i did manage to get something for the DH's christmas presents.

the tree is almost filled up. we chalked up over 500$ on it already. i like the assorted look that it has, but while at Accessorize i saw some really cute wooden ornaments that would fit the olde worlde look very nicely.

more ice cream pictures showing off it's size. 10 cents is about 1.5 cm in diameter.

strawberry top and my fingers

sprig of lavender on my soft serve

Saturday, November 17, 2007

long friday

i'm not sure if it is a good thing that i don't have any work to do at work. time passes real slo0oOOow. i swear that my derrières was aching from all that sitting down. and eyes were really dry for the past few days and i can't sleep with the bosses coming in and out of the room.

the DH is on the flight now. whee... i will get to see him in another few hours... like at 6 in the morning.

made a few more earrings from the cupcake charms.

cold sore have dried, but i still suspect that there's another one.

*contemplates making christmas ornaments*

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

evergreen and losing weight

i measured my waistline. it's now 28 going to 29 inches. GOOD GOSH!... and my hips used to be only 30 pushing 31. now it's 35 inches! *faints*

the acupuncture got rid of quite a fair bit of air though. when i look down i don't see such a large mountain anymore.

4 sessions = 1 month. i was told i need at least 3 months to see substantial belly lost. hiaz...

it's only mid november and our tree is all set up! I LOVE THIS TREE! it's got branches sticking out every where and looks like the real thing.

i'm not crazy about the white led lights, too painful to the eyes. those snow flakes i crocheted months ago came in handy, so did those tiny little wooden ornaments from hong kong. i even put up the felt cakes!

it already looks laden with ornaments but i am sure we're going to get some more.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

sweets for my sweet

this is the last batch of ices that are being dried. found out that superglue works as glaze as well but i've already got a bottle of acrylic. *has to make a hard descision* i wonder if they sell superglue in large volumes and in air tight bottles....

at any rate, the ices are still in the acrylic. i realise that when the weather is cool the acrylic will be dry but if the weather is warmer it'll turn sticky.

and here's almost all of my cupcakes. a couple's been turned into jewellery already.

another angle,

here's a perspective shot. i reckon that they are about 1 cm tall.

they really are too darn cute. i love making the colorful cakes and ices. even though i love my burgers and hot dogs, they are not as fun and colorful as cuppy cakes and ice cream cones.

i've already got my christmas gifts all planned out. all individually catered for. shush... can't say it here.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

a nice long productive day

first off... yahoo music took of uber indie station!!! *wails* no more interesting little ditties for me. :(

spent the whole day making cuppy cakes and some other stuff. oh dear. i wanted to mail somebody. maybe in a while.

last night i baked a batch of the directly on the alu for the required 30 mins on 130oC. look what happened!

it burnt the bottom of the cakes!... the effect looks rather good i must say, but it did rather destroy the psychedelic look i was trying to achieve.

anyways, i finished making all 10 i started last night and are in various process of glazing and drying.

sometimes the glaze dosen't dry as well as i like. it leaves a sticky feeling. is it because the clay has not been cooked for long enough? these will be double glazed, which means more drying time and i have to do them slower. unless i want to make more hooks.

experiment with making 2 min eggs didn't go well.. will repeat.

forgot to add handles to my milo cup.

pie making not as smooth as i liked but did salvage 2 slices.

white frosting not very exciting looking, chocolate also. dull. stronger contrasting colors work best.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a sticky situation

today is my third day of claying and right now i have a another batch baking in the oven. i stuck a piece of bread in to adsorb suspected noxious gases but right now all i smell is burnt toast.

this is the first batch i have from sunday. metal note. solid colors are nicer unless i'm really good.

i liked how the white soft serve came out. the chocolate mint is cute too.

got me some glaze yesterday and glazed the lot, including last nights cupcakes.

sculpey is way soft. dun really like it but the pearly adds a nice shine. the transparent stuff is damn hard to manage as it's really gooey when worked but then again it'll be useful as globs of icing, like those on the cupcake above.

ohh.. the new stuffs done. lookie!

they're still on the toast. :P

i was only planning to mix a bunch of pretty colors for more cakes but i was doing browns and got sidetracked again and made matching burgers and hotdogs. and then also decided to make some toast so i can have kaya bread with butter. it's a pale kaya haha. and then decided to start on the local delights with oneh oneh and the green popiah thing ( the DH asked for oneh oneh so i decided to surprice him when he comes back with the local sweets.)

so here's my extended list:

oneh oneh
green popiah
kueh lapis (many colors)
green kueh with rice bottom
ice cream bread with multicolor bread
kaya toast

and then


with all these hard to make stuff, i haven't even made the simplest... sunny side eggs!

i am thinking of narrowing down my list, but i'm at the obsessed phase right now where i want to see everything made all at once to realise my imagination. tsk.

i'm going to sleep soon.. nights.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

it's 11 am and the DH is still asleep..

oh let him be oh let him be oh let him be let him be.... speaking words of wisdom, let him beeeeee EEEEE EEEEE....

at any rate, it gave me enough time to practice putting on falsies.

2 types of falsies

i like both of them but they're just too short for my eyes. it looks weird that the lashs start at the pupils when i have my natural ones starting from the inner corner. but drama man.

and it's also hard for me to stick them real close to the real lashes and you can see skin. so odd looking. i tried cutting them up to spread them out a bit but there's gap. imagine putting them on AFTer the make up... haiyoh. tough ahh

see the gross gap. i have to line my eyelash line really good. maybe this pair will look better cut up?

and i have a lot of freckles. sigh....

would you believe it? both my blushers are in pieces. i dropped both on the SAME DAY! it's been a little troublesome to used lately as the chunks get stuck to the brush and i have to waste by knocking bits out on the sink.
Kiss / Paul&Joe

so today i scratched them both into one container. they might be better to use this way...

i wore this dress out. yup. without stockings or tights. it's actually quite alright. i shall be determined to loose some hip flab so it'll fall better (and thus be longer :P). it really is too darn cute.

show off time! the donuts madness was made a few weeks back and tweaked for a few times. i love love love it to bits! i'm not gonna sell it away (like i've been selling anything)

i'm starting a new hobby. :O !!!! daiso was selling these little packets of polymer clay so i grabbed. sheesh. i didn't get blue *thinks of the blue berry pie*

i also got a pack of that air dry clay. hopefully it can be incorporated with the polymer stuff. now all i need is some TLS *thinks in clay people lingo already* (transparent liquid sculpey). then i can so the liquid glaze look.

list of goodies to make:
ice cream cones

i shall stick to these basics. but for now, i'm gonna surf for somke how to's in making tomatoes slices. till next time for another loooong update.

and the DH has awaken....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

halloween and sleep

i did not have a happy halloween. because, my art central, my 'favourite' tv station,has been airing ads for horror movies for the past month or more. every time i hear, feel a suspicious ad coming on, the dark, gray, shifting types, i block my eyes, look away, concentrate on whatever i happen to be doing. bleh!!! and the ad was damn long lah! even after all th5e screaming and you think that it's over there's still a little bit of ending. i missed the cue once and looked up and got a jolt from a little boy with all black eyes and pale looking. and another time i got fed up with it and tried to brave it through but my nerves couldn't take it. i've been nervy for a long long time. i almost gave up watching tv. luckily it seemed to have ended this week. phfew. november's here and halloween has gone away. wah lao.

why can't i ever sleep in on a saturday. i wake up at the same time every day but on week days, i'm tired and fall back to sleep as easily as soon as i close my eyes and i have to drag my arse to the shower but on saturdays and sundays i can't fall back asleep and i roll around till i give up by 8 am. sometimes i am lucky and zone out till 10.

the washing machine is not a happy camper.

i haven't posted anything new on the craft blog for... 2 weeks!! *Gasps!*

but i have made a few pairs of earrings and i will put them up sometime. i like to accumulate a few first. this lot will look mostly the same since this is the only design that i could remember from the muchas counter.

guess what new craft that's been bugging me to try? polymer clay!!! i want to make cakes and dough nuts and pastries and ice cream and and and *goes into spasm* however, that means i'll have to buy some more stuff, sacrifice the oven and breath in debatable toxic fumes. maybe it' s a once in a while things so i won't be using the oven much and thus save the need to purchase another oven. like that time when i wanted to get me a sewing machine when i can't sew.

but why polymer clay you ask? because i don't like to sew and that's what required for making felt foods. see. i bought a thick wad of felt but now i stopped. also mainly cos i ran out of ideas. but anyway.. enough about this.

i can't type with long nails. how do those office ladies do it. with their long manicured nails and have to type whole day. i keep hitting the wrong keys cos my nails in the way. i'm going to chop them off... NOW.

Friday, November 2, 2007


i have this thing about labels on shoes. price tags, size tags, any tags. they must be removed prior to stepping out of the house. today i saw this woman that was pretty well dressed for a day at the office with very nice black stilettos. ee.. don't think it's under your feet i cannot see ah. one white patch on black soles. ee.. gives the impression that the person is sloppy.

i went running. like 500m. then i had a ramly burger. haha.