Tuesday, February 26, 2008

lonely tuesday

i was pissed off with something today but right now i can't remember it. *thinks hard*

i suppose if i can't remember it, it wasn't something worth getting angry about in the first place.

however, i do recall this woman i saw on the mrt, all nicely dressed for a day in the office, reading the papers... and chewing her nails. on several fingers. while she occasionally scratch her head. and flips the papers. eeee uuuuuu.... it was an unsightly sight with her lips curled up exposing all her pearly whites (lovely teeth though) and biting on the (obviously a serial biter) short short nails. *wonders if she swallows or spits the bits* *didn't see any spitting* eeeeee uuuUUUuUuUuuUu *



there was also another lady that was all dolled up with her pretty skirt and platform shoes and sitting with her knees apart. and i sat opposite her in the end. and she didn't showed off her undies caused her thighs happened to have covered it. tsk. *pities my eyes*



these are the things i get pissed off about. i'm definitely not a morning person so i'd like to have a peaceful, eye-sore free ride to work in the morning.


sneezing fit. someone must be thinking of me. *loves*

today i would also like to showcase 2 of my bags. one of which it totally new. the other has been sitting around forever but i did manage to finish lining it and stuff. click on them!

remember these? hahaha! the green one it still unfinished. the peach cupcake looks odd so i stopped. the bobbly one has been finished and has enjoyed an outing at a wedding dinner. :P

so right now i have a choice of finishing another bag which i've lined halfway. or starting a new project... a lacey halter top thing or another purple bag. wah ha ha!!!

i'm gonna dig my stash. too the loos!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

it's been a good day

yup, everytime the DH is about to go away for a long trip he is extremely nice to me. today we went out for lunch and came back with 4 bags. it's not all my purchases though. he got a pair of shoes and a pair of slacks. i got me some cute Ts from Pull n Bear and another white cardi from Forever21. :P

i had the trippest dream this morning. i remember going to my grandmother's, and they've moved from the 4th floor to another apartment upstairs. (the flat that my grandmother used to stay had only 4 storeys high, and there wasn't any elevators). anyways, my cousin and i went up in the tiniest lift ever. it was only enough to fit 3 persons, standing side by side, with the door opening at one end. i felt pretty claustrophobic then... which the dream morph into my mum coming to our place while we're still sleeping in the morning and she was in an A-line purple dress... to which there was another shift and there was a performance and i don't remember much of that except that we were trying to depicts the 4 seasons and there was a thing representing each of the seasons with some lovely stage set changes. i think most of them were a female person except for winter, which was represented by a white fox. and when the fox came on stage, you could see the bare silver branches of trees popping up, the silvery moon in the air and we were tracking in the snow while a chilly wind was blowing snow all over, and we were covering ourselves with hoodies and scarves... and then i woke up. trippy. *listens to new CD*

let me rave about me new face scrub/mask thing. it's from The FAce shop. Peeling day-Honey black sugar. the scrub isn't something that i'm used to (many granules) but it smell fantastic of sugar and honey. today it smelt like those tapioca pearls from bubble tea. yummy. the one from skin food Black Sugar Mask is actually better (for me).

new charms are up for sale.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

chinese new year rush

today is chu(1) 4. *thinks* ya.. i'm so tired. omg. we've literally been out of the house for the past 3 days, and there's another place to go later. well, i intend to be fashionably late. having a car means you want to cover as many places as possible. we've been around the whole island, from tampines to woodlands to bukit batok and back into hougang again.. all in one day. either that or its hougang to bukit timah. today we go toa payoh. *dies*

on the flipside, having a car is great! i got to visit the nurseries at thomson even though it was pouring but we got to play pretend at being romantic while looking at flowers. the chill room at far east flora is a must go if you love to 'frolic among the roses'. i got me 2 bunches of roses at $14 for 20 stalks and hydrangeas blooms at 6$ each! w00t!

the ones in front are pink and cream while the taller ones are yam (like the ones we had for our wedding last year). i had such a long time choosing the hydrangeas cos they had all the lovely colors like pinks and purples and whites and in between antique blues. OoOoOoOoooo.. the DH left me in there cos it was soooo cold.

the place was so worth the visit that we went back again after having dinner on tuesday night :P just for a after dinner stroll...and i got a pot of lavender plant, after thinking long and hard.

see exhibit B on the right. that's the one we bought. apparently it's been imported from italy. the sad looking lot on the left (A) are the ones i've been trying to grow from seed since last year augest. those are the hokkaido variety, but i think they smell better.

we also saw rosemary plants. it was very tempting but i still have a boxful of the dried stuff at home. maybe next time.

we also got a pot of chili plant at another nusrsery on sunday near my mums.

it's really cute but i think the plant is dying. the leaves are shriveling up and i'm am sure that it's well watered. maybe it just doesnt like the house.

random note: my braces are cutting into my skin.

all these plants are cluttering up the place. and contribute to my CNY decorations. time to say ooooo.....

new curtain ties in yellow with little oranges

the pussy willow flowered so i quickly poured the water away. i like them to stay white and fluffy.

mao mao was sleeping happy on the freshly laundered table cloth till she puked on it.