Sunday, September 9, 2007

one weekend.

I want to be like maomao. so blissfully lazing on a cloud of sheep.

but i'm riduculously moody this time round. don't like it when the DH is away. it's dull, most times lonely but i also on most occasion manage to keep it under control. i've broken down into bouts of tears this time though. gah. most of all, i cried for my brother, who had a father who didn't seem to want him since birth, and a mother who beat him when she should have protected him. will try to be kinder ya...

his birthday is coming round. 9-11. haha. i will get him a

or a

just kidding. *my mood is better if you had noticed*

he still visits father though, which is lucky for the old man for i'm currently nursing a grudge. once in a while i take it out to polish it but otherwise i keep it tucked away in a little box.

one cannot be so unlucky. i got 2 of these out of the $2 machine.. why is it that i always get the one that i do not want most. even if i didn't think of it....

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