Tuesday, September 25, 2007

lack of wisdom day 4

got woken up at 7 am today by extreme hunger. drank lots of water, plus 5 calcium carbonate anti-acids, plus juice. made horlicks. ate softened dunked digestives. slept till 1145pm. woken up by hunger again. ate left over tuna shepherds pie and a mini papaya.

by the time this ordeal is over i'm going to get a peptic ulcer. I'M CONSTANTLY HUNGRY!!! I WANT FOOD!!! I WANT TO CHEW!!!

lucky i mentioned that i have gastric problems. i was prescribed some acid reflux medication.

surprised that i can sleep so much though. fell immediately asleep at 11 pm last night. and i took an afternoon nap too. enjoy it while it lasts. tomorrow have to go work.

if anyone is interested, the nurse called to check on me yesterday morning. don't like her attitude though. sometimes i wonder if they've been trained to sound nice whatever but ended up sounding condesending. today, i got another sms from the NDC reminding me that i have a 9 am appointment on thursday. i wonder what i will get tomorrow. i like the attention. :P

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