Tuesday, April 15, 2008

last week's stash

yay! the DH got another silver for his IPPT. all that jogging has not been in vain. too bad there's not congratulatory kiss for him since my cold sore is scabbing up. i'm not taking any chances.

after i successfully made transfers onto polymer clay last week, i've been on a roll. even when i was dead tired from work everyday i must do a little everynight. heeheehee!

these are my latest factory outputs. a bunch of transfers and a few more beads.

there are some more sugar rolls, a few more cupcakes, ice cream cones, oreos, choc chip cookies, eggs in nests and me favourite, Poo! with2 flies each. click on pic to see close up.

the rain's been messing up my laundry. during the rest of the week it's sunny all morning and afternoon with rain in the evening. on laundry day it decides to rain right after i've finished 4 loads of bedsheets and cloths. aiyah! i have to bring everything indoors to dry them with a fan.

the mao mao seems to like this idea though. she can play hide and nap amongst the bedsheets.

i'm going to make more earrings with my new food beads.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

clay madness

huzzah! i have successfully made transfers. all i needed was a color laser printer. lucky for me the DH was able to them for me at work. heheheh..

the transfers were perfect. all i have to do is to have a flat piece of raw clay and lay the image over it. it does need water though. i just really hate rubbing the paper away from the clay since it's raw and might go out of shape.

i curved the clay over a wine goblet to get the curve. the DH said they looked like painted eggshells and are very pretty :):):):)

i also made some strawberry shortcake rolls and purple cupcakes.

another row of cold sores popped out. just! a huge cluster. *dies*

Monday, April 7, 2008

all excited and bored at the same time

my company's DnD came and went.

so this is what i wore. the back of what i wore.

it took me over an hour to get my hair done cos i've never done it before and i tried about 3 times. and it took me probaby 10 mins for make up and another 15 to get dressed. hee.

and these are my main people at work.

we all look so lovely that night. and then the next day we all felt crappy from a late sunday night. haha. i had a full blown tummy flu which rendered me bed ridden. crap ya.


i found me a new project. or rather it's something that i have been trying to do for the longest time cos i wanna make pendants and stuff. so what i used to do was to make copies onto photo paper, cut them out and encase them with my favourite media (superglue) onto pendant frames. like these

however, the glue will dissolve the pictures a little so they will smudge. meh.

back to this new and exciting polymer clay transfer method. basically you just stick your picture onto the clay and then the ink will transfer. but there are different ways of doing it. like right now i will need a laser color printer to have my images printed out since i do not want to buy t-shirt transfers. as always, i'd like to use the least amount of money to accomplish my task. heheh. i'm getting the DH to print at his office since my office printer only prints black n white. boo!

techniques here

i'm trying to make these into pendants. hopefully i'm not infringing into some IP issues as these are old old prints.

anway, i spent a better part of friday compiling them onto word and then a better part of sunday compiling them again on photoshop since i can only do limited editing on word. :P

i can sure waste a sunday away.