Sunday, November 4, 2007

it's 11 am and the DH is still asleep..

oh let him be oh let him be oh let him be let him be.... speaking words of wisdom, let him beeeeee EEEEE EEEEE....

at any rate, it gave me enough time to practice putting on falsies.

2 types of falsies

i like both of them but they're just too short for my eyes. it looks weird that the lashs start at the pupils when i have my natural ones starting from the inner corner. but drama man.

and it's also hard for me to stick them real close to the real lashes and you can see skin. so odd looking. i tried cutting them up to spread them out a bit but there's gap. imagine putting them on AFTer the make up... haiyoh. tough ahh

see the gross gap. i have to line my eyelash line really good. maybe this pair will look better cut up?

and i have a lot of freckles. sigh....

would you believe it? both my blushers are in pieces. i dropped both on the SAME DAY! it's been a little troublesome to used lately as the chunks get stuck to the brush and i have to waste by knocking bits out on the sink.
Kiss / Paul&Joe

so today i scratched them both into one container. they might be better to use this way...

i wore this dress out. yup. without stockings or tights. it's actually quite alright. i shall be determined to loose some hip flab so it'll fall better (and thus be longer :P). it really is too darn cute.

show off time! the donuts madness was made a few weeks back and tweaked for a few times. i love love love it to bits! i'm not gonna sell it away (like i've been selling anything)

i'm starting a new hobby. :O !!!! daiso was selling these little packets of polymer clay so i grabbed. sheesh. i didn't get blue *thinks of the blue berry pie*

i also got a pack of that air dry clay. hopefully it can be incorporated with the polymer stuff. now all i need is some TLS *thinks in clay people lingo already* (transparent liquid sculpey). then i can so the liquid glaze look.

list of goodies to make:
ice cream cones

i shall stick to these basics. but for now, i'm gonna surf for somke how to's in making tomatoes slices. till next time for another loooong update.

and the DH has awaken....

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