Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a sticky situation

today is my third day of claying and right now i have a another batch baking in the oven. i stuck a piece of bread in to adsorb suspected noxious gases but right now all i smell is burnt toast.

this is the first batch i have from sunday. metal note. solid colors are nicer unless i'm really good.

i liked how the white soft serve came out. the chocolate mint is cute too.

got me some glaze yesterday and glazed the lot, including last nights cupcakes.

sculpey is way soft. dun really like it but the pearly adds a nice shine. the transparent stuff is damn hard to manage as it's really gooey when worked but then again it'll be useful as globs of icing, like those on the cupcake above.

ohh.. the new stuffs done. lookie!

they're still on the toast. :P

i was only planning to mix a bunch of pretty colors for more cakes but i was doing browns and got sidetracked again and made matching burgers and hotdogs. and then also decided to make some toast so i can have kaya bread with butter. it's a pale kaya haha. and then decided to start on the local delights with oneh oneh and the green popiah thing ( the DH asked for oneh oneh so i decided to surprice him when he comes back with the local sweets.)

so here's my extended list:

oneh oneh
green popiah
kueh lapis (many colors)
green kueh with rice bottom
ice cream bread with multicolor bread
kaya toast

and then


with all these hard to make stuff, i haven't even made the simplest... sunny side eggs!

i am thinking of narrowing down my list, but i'm at the obsessed phase right now where i want to see everything made all at once to realise my imagination. tsk.

i'm going to sleep soon.. nights.

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