Saturday, November 3, 2007

halloween and sleep

i did not have a happy halloween. because, my art central, my 'favourite' tv station,has been airing ads for horror movies for the past month or more. every time i hear, feel a suspicious ad coming on, the dark, gray, shifting types, i block my eyes, look away, concentrate on whatever i happen to be doing. bleh!!! and the ad was damn long lah! even after all th5e screaming and you think that it's over there's still a little bit of ending. i missed the cue once and looked up and got a jolt from a little boy with all black eyes and pale looking. and another time i got fed up with it and tried to brave it through but my nerves couldn't take it. i've been nervy for a long long time. i almost gave up watching tv. luckily it seemed to have ended this week. phfew. november's here and halloween has gone away. wah lao.

why can't i ever sleep in on a saturday. i wake up at the same time every day but on week days, i'm tired and fall back to sleep as easily as soon as i close my eyes and i have to drag my arse to the shower but on saturdays and sundays i can't fall back asleep and i roll around till i give up by 8 am. sometimes i am lucky and zone out till 10.

the washing machine is not a happy camper.

i haven't posted anything new on the craft blog for... 2 weeks!! *Gasps!*

but i have made a few pairs of earrings and i will put them up sometime. i like to accumulate a few first. this lot will look mostly the same since this is the only design that i could remember from the muchas counter.

guess what new craft that's been bugging me to try? polymer clay!!! i want to make cakes and dough nuts and pastries and ice cream and and and *goes into spasm* however, that means i'll have to buy some more stuff, sacrifice the oven and breath in debatable toxic fumes. maybe it' s a once in a while things so i won't be using the oven much and thus save the need to purchase another oven. like that time when i wanted to get me a sewing machine when i can't sew.

but why polymer clay you ask? because i don't like to sew and that's what required for making felt foods. see. i bought a thick wad of felt but now i stopped. also mainly cos i ran out of ideas. but anyway.. enough about this.

i can't type with long nails. how do those office ladies do it. with their long manicured nails and have to type whole day. i keep hitting the wrong keys cos my nails in the way. i'm going to chop them off... NOW.

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