Saturday, November 10, 2007

sweets for my sweet

this is the last batch of ices that are being dried. found out that superglue works as glaze as well but i've already got a bottle of acrylic. *has to make a hard descision* i wonder if they sell superglue in large volumes and in air tight bottles....

at any rate, the ices are still in the acrylic. i realise that when the weather is cool the acrylic will be dry but if the weather is warmer it'll turn sticky.

and here's almost all of my cupcakes. a couple's been turned into jewellery already.

another angle,

here's a perspective shot. i reckon that they are about 1 cm tall.

they really are too darn cute. i love making the colorful cakes and ices. even though i love my burgers and hot dogs, they are not as fun and colorful as cuppy cakes and ice cream cones.

i've already got my christmas gifts all planned out. all individually catered for. shush... can't say it here.

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