Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i need therapy

in an attempt to cut my spending (more like stop spending), i left the platinum card at home. and i thought to myself, " i don't use the other card, i'd better keep it in case of emergency..."

so today i went to get my nails done and use up the soon to expire package i had at fave nails. and i have already decided not to continue anymore, or find a cheaper alternative. but while i was there, the girls were asking, and then i was thought i liked the people, and it's convenient, and how i liked getting my cuticles cut... bleh bleh... and thus i spent another 245$ *hangs head in shame*

i also helped get a 'mr. stoner' shirt from new urban male. freakin'! it's 49.90$ they had a lot of cute strawberry shortcake, my little ponies and hello kitties tees for 59.90$ *faints*

i hear cat fights and howls from outside. i hope that the resident stray is alright. she's such a sweetie, and getting quite plump in the middle. awwww.... *worries*

anyways, i'm going to leave the other card at home now. *feels slightly distraught*

spoils of the day

i like it. i wished the middle was brighter though. have to look from afar leh.

as much as i like a manicure, it makes it hard to work on my crafts. i constantly keep checking my nails *is obsessed with smooth shiny objects* and being obsessed about messing them up.

very pretty nail color. squirrel in progress.

i have wrinkly knuckles :(

finished product: squirrel

blue polka dot stockings

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