Thursday, November 8, 2007

a nice long productive day

first off... yahoo music took of uber indie station!!! *wails* no more interesting little ditties for me. :(

spent the whole day making cuppy cakes and some other stuff. oh dear. i wanted to mail somebody. maybe in a while.

last night i baked a batch of the directly on the alu for the required 30 mins on 130oC. look what happened!

it burnt the bottom of the cakes!... the effect looks rather good i must say, but it did rather destroy the psychedelic look i was trying to achieve.

anyways, i finished making all 10 i started last night and are in various process of glazing and drying.

sometimes the glaze dosen't dry as well as i like. it leaves a sticky feeling. is it because the clay has not been cooked for long enough? these will be double glazed, which means more drying time and i have to do them slower. unless i want to make more hooks.

experiment with making 2 min eggs didn't go well.. will repeat.

forgot to add handles to my milo cup.

pie making not as smooth as i liked but did salvage 2 slices.

white frosting not very exciting looking, chocolate also. dull. stronger contrasting colors work best.

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