Sunday, November 25, 2007

of cell phones and red hair

first up, my phone got stolen. i'm sure i did NOT drop it. the ^%#^*^$%$ picked it out of my big straw bag! and to think that in the morning i was reminded that my pwetty phone would be 2 years old next year. i've never had a cell phone for that long... i am not happy.

today i dyed my hair. it's suppose to be plum. goodness gracious. WHY i have to do it myself?! it's so troublesome.

QL made my a spider. i stuck it on the star..

it's been a very productive week while the boss is away. i can do things while waiting for things to happen. :P

i made...

a cloud

... a cat

... 2 more squirrels

... a gingerbread man

... finally a bird

more goodies have been put up at the shop.

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