Wednesday, November 14, 2007

evergreen and losing weight

i measured my waistline. it's now 28 going to 29 inches. GOOD GOSH!... and my hips used to be only 30 pushing 31. now it's 35 inches! *faints*

the acupuncture got rid of quite a fair bit of air though. when i look down i don't see such a large mountain anymore.

4 sessions = 1 month. i was told i need at least 3 months to see substantial belly lost. hiaz...

it's only mid november and our tree is all set up! I LOVE THIS TREE! it's got branches sticking out every where and looks like the real thing.

i'm not crazy about the white led lights, too painful to the eyes. those snow flakes i crocheted months ago came in handy, so did those tiny little wooden ornaments from hong kong. i even put up the felt cakes!

it already looks laden with ornaments but i am sure we're going to get some more.

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