Saturday, August 8, 2009

going out is fun but dangerous..

Exhibit A:

i needed a face wash and i ended up getting it from Etude House despite the jacked up price and some nail polishes cos they're quite pigmented and spread well.

some insoles and falsies. haha.. i've only tried falsies by myself once and they didn't fit properly. but my fwiend was raving about these so i got them too. $2 each as well from Daiso.

my failure

and because i got no lash glue. i had to get some, but this one i got is a double eyelid glue thing which can double up as lash glue.

now that i got that double eyelid glue i'm not sure why i got the eyelid tape already. sheesh, i took so long to get them and when i finally did, they become redundant. maybe i'll give them to my mum.

i did a "Barbie Doll" look today. now how do i embed videos... anyways, i saw this on youtube and decided to mimic it. i really did look like a Barbie doll. so eighties with the bright blue e/s and pink pink lips. however, i suspect that the Angelika Nars blush i used oxidised on me cos it was orangy looking when i got home today. gosh darn.

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