Saturday, August 8, 2009

baby cradle display thing.. MOBILE. yeah that's it

my cousin is due next week and i'd tot i'd make her a super girlie mobile as a gift. yeah, she's expecting a girl. haha.

i've finished the hanger. basically i bought a cheap but cute heart shaped socks hanger and wrapped it with ribbon.

i stuff the bottom with some wrapping paper and magazine pages (i recycle as much as i can)

the cat always wants in on the action. everytime i craft i have to make a space on the table (make that the majority of the space) while i work on a little corner.

the wrapping process using fabric glue. love this stuff!

the final hanger. well not quite. this is so plain and boring. i'm going to put on some roses and flowers and stuff. things i make are usually all flowery and super sweet ya know.. i can't help it.

i've finished crocheting the bit of 3 of the doggies. i will do the 4th one tonight if i can. am going to pick the DH up at the airport later, after my nap. :P:P:P

the crochet doggies patterns are from this booki bought from kinokuniya. you gotta lurve the japanese craft books. you don't really have to read japanese to understand them.

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