Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aromaleigh hauls n pressing pigments

On saturday my Aromaleigh packaged arrived!

i was very excited to have gotten it because there were some samples i really wanted to try. namely the blush in nectar, e/s in orchid, asphalt and sage.

what is it with cats? you put a piece of scrap paper down on the floor and they just want a piece of the action. or rather, ON the action. here is my Mao Mao looking all innocent and adorable.

i did a rough swatch and they all ended up hard to show up on my arms. except maybe sage, which made me really happy. i recalled that pressing them would make the colors more intense possibly because they are more concentrated, so i went ahead and pressed a little bit. and then i swatched them in the following order.

i actually liked most of them except the purples, Lilac and Orchid. they were really hard to show up on me. i tried to use them together on monday but all i got was a whitish wash. maybe it'll be more apparent to people who looks at me. but meh, disapointed.

i love sage though, today i wore it with one of Meow's "Seafoam" which is a darker green but of the same shade. this combination kinda reminds of my Dior's "Watery Glow, 669" but greener, "Watery Glow" is more bluish.

tomorrow i'm thinking of wearing Asphalt, but i'm not sure what to pair it up with. maybe a simple gold.

I also pressed a sample of my Fyrinnae's samples. haha. i wanted to try different fixing mediums. I noticed that when i wore my Meow's the e/s make my lids heavy and that makes me sleepy. I wondered if it was the toner that i was using as a binder. anyways, here are the results.


Atomic Afterglow

Tempting Hansel-more of a purply blue to me.

Arcane Magic's Dragonmagic- I freaking luuuurve this color.

Lucky Charmed- I like this a lot too! i wore it with Dragon's Wings on Saturday and charmed the DH socks off. :P *lookintomyeyes,lookintomyeyes,lookintomyeyes and you're under...*

Dragon's wings - lovely green green with sparkles. after LuckyCharmed it's Snow Leopard and Koala. both were concentrated with the orange stuff.

i also made sifters for my jars, basically i had chocolate/cupcake cups and i realised that they fit! so i trimmed off the excess and poke holes and slot them in. VOila! sifter jars!

I collected my EDM package today but since i came back from my mum's rather late i think i will upload those photoes later...

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Jamilla Camel said...

Fantastic colours!

Your cat reminds me of mine...he has two cat beds, an Ikea chair in the lounge, and a cat blankie on every bed and sofa!