Monday, August 24, 2009

Lots of wonderful things from Hong Kong

the DH was in Hong Kong for a few days last week to give talk at a conference. i gave him a list of Jill Stuart items and the shop address and sent him on a shopping mission. :))

06 Glazed garnet and 02 Crystal Jade e/s, Powder BLush in 03 Crimson Flush and Lip Luster in 09 Red Fox.

'bout Red Fox, it looks so deep online but my tube looks more like 03 glazed taffy , and i'm wearing it sans make up right now and it seems to make me look sallow. although i have to say that the color is gorgous and the sheen is beautiful. i should have stuck to my original choice of 17 festive wine. probably test drive it for another day tomorrow before trying to swap it away or something.

i like the blush to a certain extent but i was hoping that more of the plum would show through.

the DH also found the cutest Forever Friends shower caps for me.

when the DH was still in HK, he said he found and bought me a cute container for putting things in. i was expecting something acrylic or plasticy to with compartments to store my knick knacks. instead he brought this back.

OMG!!! the case came up to my knee and it's heavy! <3<3<3 my DH is such a wonderful man. hahahaha! i'm still besides myself with glee and excitement.

it was such coincidence that i happened to be sorting out my cupboards and rearranging my jewellery and making space to accomodate my young and growing make up collection when he touched down yesterday and lugged the jewel cupboard home.

it's all filled up with lots more space for more junk. tee hee..

the side door with hooks now filled with some larger earrings.

i was trying to string up my baby mobile on saturday night but i don't like the way it's turning out. it looks really nice from the top and side but i'm thinking that the baby is going to look at it from the bottom up and she's gonna end up looking at a bunch of green wires. boo ya. i'll have to rework it.


Jamilla Camel said...

An outstanding haul! I love that cabinet--it's perfect!

suzieduck said...

yes it is! i'm so in love with it... lol. i love the JS make up too.