Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jill Stuart hual - Fall 2009

my friend was kind enough to send over my JS hual tonight. it was CP'ed by Kyotobaby. <3<3<3

it's my first JS hual and hopefully not my last. tomorrow i'm gonna try em out.

i did a simple swatch of the e/s and they are more purples then dark blue. the gray is gray with sparkles and the silver is just silver sparklies. i guess peeps who are familier with JS e/s knows what i'm talking about.
on a side note, i got a Dior flyer yesterday and there's a peak of the Xmas 2009 look. more purples it seems.

since i am on a purple smoky phase this is just my cup 'o tea but i will restrain myself until christmas...

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