Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emma Goodness

i came across a mention of Emma Watson (Harry Potter fame) in the latest (July/Augest 2009) TeenVogue. anyhoos i went and look and i must say i was quite blown away by it. I really liked the whole set and tone of the shoot. edgy vintagy goth. i love the cloths and the make up and i think she's reeeeally pretty.

i'd like to dupe her look with the dark purple shadows (i think) and the mauvey lips. i might tottle down to kinokuniya and see if they stock this issue of TeenVogue. i think it's a keeper.

i'm thinking that the new Dior Night Butterfly might work well for this look.

I think this is an excuse for me to get the quint. tee hee. Haru from Rouge Delux has some nice swatches although she didn't like the texture much. Imma go a swatching when i get the chance...

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