Monday, August 17, 2009

Pre-dinner durian snack- purple swatches

So while waiting for the DH to come home for dinner i decided to swatch the purple palettes i have.

clockwises from top: CastleDew, Jill Stuart Fall 09 in Dazzling Moon, Dior Quint in Lilac 129

i only swatch the Purple colors and ignored the pink/glitters/darks

from top, Castledew(last 2 colors), Dazzling Moon(lilac n blue), Dior 129(right corner n middle)

About dazzling moon, it looks blue in the palette and it looks blue on my hand. But i have been wearing both the colors for the past 2 days and they show up purple on my lids albeit a bluish purple. not really a complaint since i <3 purples and they do look good. On Sunday, we went to the Toy, Animation and Comic convention.

My favouritest display by the Singapore Zoo.

the DH being unco-operative as usual

octopi always amuses me

the most spectacular booth would be the one from Blythe. lots of pretty dolls to look at.

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