Wednesday, October 3, 2007

i shall miss you my dears

so here they are, the pieces of my left tooth. lucky i got it out as it was decaying in the middle already. another 6 months or more it'd hit the nerves. i had fun excavating it out yesterday.

and then i found some energy to piece it together. darn. i should have kept the other one too but i guess at that time i was too tired to bother cleaning it up. :(

the root is HuGe! haha. it took mr nice dentist quite some time to yank it out. my neck and shoulders were aching bad during the process.

see that hole in the middle ^ that's the excavated decay bit. the gray is the stuff i couldn't remove, it needs surgical tools man.

too bad they didn't give me everything so now i have 1/3 of it missing. else i'd turn it into jewellery.

on a prettier note. i'm going to put up my newly created things on the 'dreams' site. do go take a look.

here's a sneak...

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