Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my tummy is not happy

that's because i have to keep swallowing saliva, and i have a lot os saliva now. and i swallow air. so i want to burp, but i cannot burp, and i feel gaggy. i don't like to feel gaggy.

i'm waiting for the pain killer to take effect so i can sleep. ;P it's make a pretty effective sleeping pill. but this is not as strong as the muscle relaxant that was prescribed to me last week. 2 of those killed me for almost 19 hours.

my cheek has not swelled to the size of hamsters' cheeks stuffed with seeds. phfew, cos i got a dinner date tomorrow at crystal jade man. but SOFT FOOD! wah lao... however, the DH has been very accomodating to me during the pre-op weekend. i've had shimofuri steak at pepper lunch, found a yummy lima bean/daal thingy at a malay kopishop at telok kurau and had crystal jade dim sum. how i miss my dim sum. maybe if i can chew (very soon!!) i will go again this weekend.

the DH has informed me that he will be back tomorrow! w00t! i want huggy.. >^**^<

TH went with me to chinatown on monday. i went berserk buying beads. i'm on a necklace phase now. i already finished 2 pearls and a black one. i'm going to complete the purple one later. i've also got quite a number of earrings done from last week's break. so i'm going to update quite a number of things tommorow and stop destroying my nails for a wee bit.

pictures will be up tomorrow. together with my other tooth. w00t!

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