Sunday, October 7, 2007

the Hulk

my nuaing is coming to an end *boo hoo*

i'm now sort of watching the Hulk and i wondered about jennifer connelly.. so she was that girl from Labyrinth. one of my favourite movie of all times. i do remember giving away my copy of the dvd to Liz so that i could get the GOld edition. but i never did. but i will.

was shopping when i found a new love. the Westie slouchy in pink! ohhhh... if only it were under 300$. I really like the bags at My Flat in London. they're not as obiang as the juicy couture ones. and so girly too.

i'm also re-visiting my love to Tarina Tarantino's jewellery. and i remembered saving tons of her Pink head kitties pic and then photo-shopping them and trying to turn them into brooches. which i did successfully. kinda. try looking for them in my other blog. *i smell copyright*

otherwise, i've been really excited about my new project but i ran out of beads. wah lao!!! and i can't get them till tuesday cos tomorrow i probably will be crying about the presentation i have to prepare for tuesday. which is also the day when i have to remove the stitches for my tooth. which means i have to bring forward the meeting. wah lao cry ah!!

it is conclusive. the baby cat like the "silk sheets'

i also like the 'silk' sheets. in fact we like our bed a lot. a bit too much... we fall asleep too quickly.

and also i wondered how to people link new posts with their old posts. how to remember that they blogged about it and where and then have to find the link and then.. if you got years of blog to track??

and also i didn't make chawan mushi again. instead i pan fried/grill some fish fillets (red snapper?) and made claypot froggies as mum got me 3.

pan fried fish: i used the left over dashi sauce from the previous night and soak the fish fillets for 4 hours ( i was at home, on other days i suppose overnight is good), then just pan grilled them with butter. maybe about 2 minutes on each side then leave for a bit longer to cook thoroughly but not overdone.

same with the frogs. i soaked them with the dashi, then before cooking, dump the dashi, add a dash of wine. then use the same wine, add dark soy sause, ginger juice and slices and sugar and the chopped up spring onions. wet the bottom of claypot before firing up, put in butter, fry the frog pieces for a bit then add the sauce then cover for a bit. don't cook too long. best is just before serving but then where got so good life right. you think zhu chao ah...

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