Saturday, October 13, 2007

still dead hari raya

i went out with my mum. we bought things in shades of blue. i ended up with 2 polka dot blue and turquoise blouse that looks almost the same. one dress.. not exactly blue but with blue flowers. and she got a blue dress. and a black blouse. haha. we boring.

taka was horrendously noisy. there was some burberry fashion show. loud music. loud restaurant with people talking = bad meal.

i think the baby cat wants dinner. she keep walking on the keyboard.

my mum got me pretty beads.

my plants fell and soil was all over the floor. haiyah.

saw the caran dache color pencils. 120 pieces costs 345.50SGD. aiyoh. must talk to da boss and make sure he's going to pay me if i ever get them.

i am very convinced that mao mao like the green and pink stripe bedsheets that feels like silk. i see cat shape holes in it every day when i come home from work. and she actually shared the bed with me this morning (which she never does, she no share bed, its either me or her) in the pile of the green silk which i had kicked into a corner.

i wonder what i want for dinner. i got me a chocolate cover doughnut for a snack.

weekly report done.

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