Wednesday, October 10, 2007

as long as it's work related

it will never get done. so finally i made myself draw the picture of the infarcted heart. it's quite nice *ish proud* but it's colored in pencils. i still need to make it into a water color painting.

i took shots but i need to upload it. so there.... you need to wait.

today was the last appointment with mr nice dentist. i was there quite a long because after the cutting and the rinsing i had to wait for the braces guy to show up. then nice dentist was back again and then filled in form for consultation with Braces. and then it was done. or so i thought. while waiting to pay, the nurse called me back again cos he forgot and wants to look at my cavities. and then again followed me out to fill out the form to make appointment with the fillers people. and then he said take care. and walked back in. so finally. no more. *looks downcast* me is going to miss visiting mr nice dentist. he is quite um... sweet. today he noted that i had very pretty toe nail art. then he notice i had long lashes and enquired if they were fakes. haha. i replied that i had mascara on.. but my lashes are long in the first place lah. and he went. ahhhh. (note the abscence of punctuation, that is because i am a bad story teller)

boss bought me one slice of cake. to celebrate my.. er.. he said "getting your tooth back." and we all went..."didn't i remove teeth?" he's probably just happy that i'm finally back at work for him to torture.

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