Friday, October 5, 2007

taste of spring onions in my mouth

yummy. and ginger. i had left over green tea soba and cold tofu from last night. i'm addicted to the taste of dashi sauce. *smacks lips*

dinner looked real pretty last night. i had all my pretty little bowls out. i ended up with lots of washing up too. even though it was a simple meal and most of it was cold, there was a lot of prep. ginger needs to be grated (OMG the grater killed me), spring onions chopped (easy but lots of washing up), eggs to be sieved (more washing), and soba cooked (some more pots) and chilled.

the DH don't like cold tofu. i know but i don't like to deep fry. we'll just have to go to sakae or sushi teh for that.

the chawan mushi turned out rubbery. i think the AMC pots heat up too much. AND i didn't cover the eggs when i steamed them. no covers.

today i shall try the eggs again. and put in less mushroom and stuff. which i think i shall go soak them soon...

martha stewart's been making cupcakes all week. they look so pretty. maybe i'll mak......e them..
er.... nevermind.

:{ today is the last day of my MC. next week i'll have to go back to work. AWWWW!!!!

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