Friday, October 19, 2007

pissy offy and being happy


monday, got pissed off by someone and went out immediately after work and bought these since the boss agreed to sponser me...

made me happy for a leetle bit. all 120 pieces of it. meh, the boss gets a free illustrator by spending 300 rather than hire someone else for 700 a drawing.

tuesday, started coloring the heart. finished it today. i think i lost control and went all out with the shading. no pictures though, i guess for the sake of future copy right reasons. maybe after it's been accepted. or maybe i can zng it. this shall be put on hold.

This caught my eye at Q bread. OMIGOSH white chocolate covered doughnut with blueberry filling.

It's so pretty! i gave up eating with my hands and decided to devour it with a fork and knife instead. it's so rich and wonderfully sinful.

everytime i see something worthwhile to get for the office it doesn't make an appearance 'nemore, or it gets sold out. or in this case, one little girl beat me to it. no doughnut for the office then.

the DH has gone to sleep, which means i shall follow suit. he's back. yay.

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