Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Earth Day NOTD with NFU OH 569 & 087

Happy Earth Day! i'm very pleased to share me Bday with Mother Earth so i decided to commemorate the day with a green mani.

bottle is 569

the idea was alright but the execution leaves a lot more to be desired. the sponging was terrible and the tip pull is hideous. that's my fault for trying to attempt to do nail art when i'm half asleep.

bottle is 087

i always like to moisterise my hands before putting on any varnish but you'll have to allow the cream to fully sink in. i do not remove oils from my nails prior to applying varnish.

Nfu 569 is a gorgeous green jelly that's supposed to be a NARS Zulu dupe but since i'll probably never that in the flesh i'll just settle for this.

that said, i don't think Nfu 569 is suppose to be used in a gradient mani, it deserves to be worn in it's full jelly goodness. i'm taking this off asap!

087 is a pale green shimmer. i really like it

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